Introducing Benny Camaro

Benny Camaro

Hailing from Southern Italy, specifically Naples, Benny Moschini better known as Benny Camaro has been on a consistent 10 year success streak, boasting quality releases such as: ‘I Wanna Give You’, ‘Rabbia’, ‘Big Bass’, ‘Come One’, ‘Knockout’, ‘Everybody’, ‘Black Stars’ and lately ‘Crack It Out’.

Drawing inspirations from all over the world, Benny’s sound dabbles into House, Electro House, Progressive House and Deep House but also seeks influences from Soul, Funk, Blues and Rock. He’s showcased his unique music all over the world and has been able to land deals with elite labels such as: Jango Music, Casa Rossa, IRMA Records, Kluster Records, 5howtime Records, Cablage Records, Paper Airplane Records and Musica e Parole to name a few.

We’ve caught up with Benny in his studio to spend some time talking about his adventures in the past 10 years he’s spent DJing and producing and what he’s got in store for the years ahead.

Ciao Benny, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Hey, I’m very will thank you – right now I’m in the studio working on new stuff.

Which part of the world do you call home?
At the moment I live in Milan but I travel very often – so the world is my home.

Are you more of a traveller or do you prefer to have a stable home?
As I’ve said, I’m always travelling – I like to think of the world as my home and that’s something I really love!

For those who are not familiar with your music, where would you place your sound at the moment?
Wherever it is possible – I think, like many others, that music is the best universal language and this makes it unique – a continuous sharing of ideas and traditions.

Where do you draw your influences from and how do you blend different inspirations into your projects?
I have varied inspirations. I started out as a musician, raised listening to Funk and Rock but I also love Blues and Electronica. I try to blend these styles and ideas to create something new and significant, first of all for myself and then I pass it on to my listeners.

Can you walk us through your typical day as a DJ and producer?
In reality I don’t have a typical day as a DJ and producer, every experience teaches me something new, but if I have to choose the perfect day I’d say when I collaborate with my peers, sharing knowledge to come up with something unique.

Getting into the specifics of production. How does a Benny Camaro track usually form?
First of all I start with a melody – usually I sit at the piano with a manuscript and if I see that the song works well just with the piano I then start working on the arrangement which I feel suitable at that moment.

What’s your current studio setup like?
Two monitors, a Piano master, a microphone, mixer and a good audio interface together with a pair of analogue compressors and a good computer…. a lot of passion and a lot of patience.

You have many hit projects under your name. Which ones are you most proud of and why?
I’m proud of all my projects, successful or not, because they’re my creations – it’s like giving birth, truly fantastic!

You just released a new single in May, called ‘Crack It Out’. Give us some insights about that.
It has a nice electric atmosphere, fresh and summery, but at the same time simple – it’s suitable for all places, being a car or club. Many times people are scared of the unknown and there needs to be a balance between making ourselves satisfied and then others – it’s very rewarding!

Wlady took care of the remix of this single. How did this collaboration take place?
Wlady is one of the DJs I’ve been following for years, he’s taught me a lot and we collaborate on many projects. In this case he’s added a touch of class, giving the track a suitable style. There will be a lot of other surprises coming up from us.

Do you have any more projects coming up this year?
Yes, absolutely – it’s going to be a long year of productions. I’ve got a new track coming up on Jango Music and many others, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise 😉

Where do you want to see yourself in the coming months?
I want to visit as many places as possible, not for monetary gain but to be in contact with people, which is a beautiful aspect of this job – meeting new people, visiting new cities and being continuously challenged – it’s a difficult feeling to describe, unique!

Which are your top 3 tracks of 2015 so far?
My favourite productions so far are:
‘I Wanna Give You’ – Kluster Records, ‘Come One’ – Cablage Records and without a doubt, ‘Crack It Out’ – Casa Rossa.

Anything to add/shout outs?
Love, Patience and Passion – value these three and you’ll be a winner no matter what.

Grazie mille Benny!

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