Introducing Steve Nyman

Steve Nyman

Talented DJ and producer Steve Nyman is getting his signature on massive projects in 2015, continuing on the build-up he‟s had in recent years. Having his works approved by A-list DJs such as: Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk and Above & Beyond is not a feat that many could boast and is the proof of Steve Nyman‟s top-notch production skills.

His records have been signed to elite labels like: Spinnin’ Records‟ sub-label RR Recordings, Tool Trance, Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic), Arisa Audio, Enhanced Records, Infinity Records and many more. In addition his resume is also blessed with various remixes for Richard Durand, Neev Kennedy and Ronski Speed, aside from high profile collaborations with the likes of Meyce, Ron Van Den Beuken and Alexander Popov.

We caught up with Steve for a chat to find out more about him, discuss what he‟s up to at the moment and unveil his plans for 2015.

Hi Steve, thanks for talking to us. What‟s happening in your world at the moment?
There is so much happening at the moment, a lot of interesting projects and collaborations. In addition I would like to conclude the professional certificate in Finance Accounting.

Which part of the world are you situated in?
In Europe, precisely in a small town in the German part of Switzerland.

How long have you been involved in music and how did you get started?
I started with music 15 years ago. My brother bought a DJ Compilation and I got very interested in DJ skills and wanted to learn mixing. So I bought the DJ equipment with my saved money and learnt it by practicing. Since then, I‟ve been active on the production front for 8 years, since I wanted to play my own music and not only from other artist.

How would you describe your sound and style?
My style has changed as Trance music did too. I make more Progressive Trance music now with electronic bass-lines, but always melodic and sometimes real uplifting Trance.

Did your sound go through any changes along the years?
Sure, in the beginning I loved Hard Trance Music at about 144 BPM with hard kicks. The main changes along the years were that my sound became slower, at about 132 BPM, with influence from House, Minimal and Techno.

Who were your influences growing up?
Our national idols like DJ Energy, DJ Mind-X and international acts like Paul van Dyk and Tiesto.

Do you consider yourself more of a DJ or Producer?
It‟s difficult…I love to play music for the people, but I also love to produce music.

You are one of the few remaining DJs who still want to play sets the old school way, without using the „sync button‟. Why do you prefer doing things this way?
With the technical development of DJ equipment it‟s much easier to mix tracks, therefore it‟s important to present something special in your set. I‟m doing a combination between DJing and live act, but always without using sync buttons because I‟d rather show my true DJing skills.

In what ways do you think the DJ industry has changed in recent years?
The DJ is the new Rock Star, never before was the DJ so popular. Also, the heavy Vinyl case is no longer necessary; it was replaced by the laptop, CDs or USB Sticks, although I think the Vinyl will still hold a minor role.

You have a number of releases, compilations and remixes under your name. Walk us through some of your favourite ones and why they hold a special place in your heart.
It was the Remix for Richard Durand‟s “Running on Empty”, the first Remix for an international Artist in this format.

How do you go about producing a new record?

First of all I look for a suitable melody. I play different melodies on the synthesizer till I like something. Then I edit the drop with kick, bass, lead, effects etc., so I hear the feeling of the track. Then I can start the actual construction of the track with the intro, break, drop and outro. However the most important parts of the track are the melody and harmony.

Do you have any specific plug-ins or sounds you cannot do without?
I prefer Nexus and Sylenth1 plug-ins. In most of my tracks you can find them.

You have a single on Armada coming up soon. What can you tell us about it?
Meyce pres. One Way feat. Heidi Anne “Wonderland” (Alexander Popov & Steve Nyman RMX) – It‟s a Remix for Alexander Popov‟s Interplay compilation in collaboration with the man himself. It was a very special moment because I admired him for a long time for his talent and for his music. This Remixin collaboration with Popov would never have been possible without the great help of Meyce, therefore I‟m very grateful to him too.

Do you have any other projects lined up for 2015?
Mh… i can‟t say too much… I have many project lined up for 2015. I will work closely with Meyce, with whom I share a history of collaborations and a friendship that culminated into our new projects.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Coldplay “Ghost Stories” and A State Of Trance 2015 compilation.

Who are your favourite DJs in 2015?
The year is still young but my favourite DJs and producers at the moment are Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Rayel. I like their music and their style.

Continue this sentence: Steve Nyman is…
A nice guy who lives for his great passion “Trance Music”

Thanks Steve!

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