Editor’s Pick : Joachim Garraud Audio Interview

Joachim Garraud DJ Interview

This is the first audio interview with French dj/producer/composer JOACHIM GARRAUD on Clubbing9ine.com! Find out what Garraud have to say about his upcoming 3D show in Kuala Lumpur, what his little alien logo is all about, his favourite foods of course and many more fun stuff in this interview. Garraud will be performing for WELOVEASIA this June. Now have a listen on this great interview. Enjoy!

1. Hi Garraud! I guess this will be your first interview with Clubbing9ine, how are you doing today?
2. Lets tell us more about your live 3D show and how it works.
3. I saw that you have those cute little ‘alien/space invaders’ pixel as your symbol, what does it represent you & how did you first find out about it?
4. How often do you travel to other countries?
5. Have you tried any good food in Malaysia?
6. You’ll be perform in KL this June, what are the things you like about Kuala Lumpur?
7. Your favourite alien movie(s)?
8. Any upcoming good stuff you would like to share?

Facebook : www.facebook.com/joachimgarraud
Website : www.joachimgarraud.com

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