My Digital Enemy Interview : ‘Zulu Ibiza 2013 Album’ Exclusive

We’ve all got tunes that remind us of that summer – the one that never seemed to end, the one you spent with all your mates and perhaps, most importantly, the one with all the sun. If the location of this fond memory is Ibiza, or if you’re a regular visitor to the White Isle, then you’ll understand what Zulu Records are hoping to achieve with their latest compilation. Packed with 11 exclusive tracks from some of the hottest names in house right now, Zulu Ibiza 2013 is guaranteed to be your new summer essential; we caught up with the chaps at Zulu Records to find out more…

Music is an essential part of summer – how have you captured the summer vibe in the tracks on Zulu Ibiza 2013?
We took three months to decide on the final list for this year’s ‘Zulu Ibiza 2013’! You will find tracks for every aspect of Ibiza from uplifting euphoric daytime to peak time mainroom and those dingy after party sounds!

What’s your favourite memory of Ibiza?
Nothing beats the first time we went back in 1998 slumming it with about 15 mates in some dodgy hotel. Trance was just emerging with tracks like Binary Finary – 1998, Cafe Del Mar, Beachball! It was all new to us and nothing will ever come close to that feeling.

Were all the tracks produced with the compilation in mind?
Our collaboration with Jerome Robins ‘Feel Good’ was written with the compilation in mind. It’s got a really nice summery club sound to it. Most of the others were sent into Zulu HQ as demos which we picked up on and signed specially for it.

You’ve got some massive names on board – have you had to call in any favours to get such a meaty tracklist?
We are so blessed to be in such a good position with Zulu. It really seems that the label is getting noticed by lots of people and the names involved on this compilation reflect that.
We still think it is important to look for new talent so there are some new names as well as the well-known and up and coming producers.

What do you think is so iconic about Ibiza and house music?
House music and Ibiza go hand in hand! That whole feeling that the party never has to stop and you can move from party to party experiencing the best music the world has to offer can’t be beaten!

Clubs like Pacha have been the subject of discussion recently, especially regarding the topic of money and fees – have you seen Ibiza change at all since you’ve been visiting?
Musically it is always changing, but that is a good thing. You can’t stand still in this business! Everything is more expensive now over there but that’s no different to the rest of the world. It’s still a non-stop party which is all that really matters!

You’ve released a Miami compilation in the past, and now Ibiza – can we look forward to any other themed releases?
We are planning another release to coincide with the ADE Conference in Amsterdam!!

Finally, have you got any essential advice to anyone who is visiting Ibiza for the first time this summer?
Pace yourself! Though easier said than done! haha

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