Nicky Romero Exclusive Interview

For the first time ever, here we have a talk with Protocol Recording’s label boss, Nicky Romero. Find out about the latest updates on upcoming album, new releases, future plans and many more in the interview. Let’s find out what he has to say.

1. Hi Nicky Romero! How are you doing? This is your first ever interview with us Tell us some of your latest stories you would like to share
Hi Guys! I’m doing really good, thanks for asking. It has been very busy last months. Because of that I took three weeks off to spend some time in my new studio and work on some new projects. One thing I’m really excited about is my first album that will be released in 2014. The album will feature some nice collabs, can’t wait to share this with the world! I have also been working on two tracks for Britney Spears’ new album, together with Will.I.Am. I also did a remix for Zedd’s track Stay The Night recently. This was the first work I did produced in my new studio.

2. You have been to Malaysia for couples of time, what are your thought of the people here?
People in Malaysia love to party, that’s for sure! Generally I think Malaysian people are really nice and helpful.

3. You;ll be taking up next club gig at Zouk KL, what’s on your mind?
I’m really excited about playing in Zouk Club November the 23th. Zouk club is one of the finest clubs in Asia if you ask me. It’s a great venue with an awesome vibe. I’m sure this will be a great night with great people as always.

4. Is there any new plan coming up for your Protocol Recordings or Protocol Radio Show?
For Protocol Recordings we have a lot of releases scheduled by new upcoming talent. The next release will be Pelari’s awesome last offering called Rave, These are very talented guys from Italy. After that we have got a release from R3hab & Lucky Date. There is also a new release planned from the Vicetone boys in 2014. Regarding the Protocol Radio Show, at the moment syndicated to 62 stations on FM and satellite worldwide. We are constantly looking for new radiopartners, to extend our reach and have even more people enjoy Protocol Radio!

5. What’s your hidden talent you’ve never reveal to anyone yet?
If I reveal them now I can pack my bags ;). No, I don’t know actually, I just try new stuff and I try to be innovative with my sounds. I think it’s important to not being afraid of trying to do new things.

6. what’s your favourite PS3 game at the moment?
Call of Duty Ghosts! Love to play this one online!

7. Tell us a little more about the amazing studio photo you’ve posted in Facebook.
Last months we worked on building a new studio and I’m really happy with the end result. A good place, where you feel comfortable, is one of the requirements for producing quality music if you ask me. The sound that is coming out of the studio is amazing.

8. Before we end this interview, what would you like to say to your Malaysian fans?
I’m very happy with all the support I have received so far from all my fans in Malaysia, and I hope they will keep supporting me!

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