Tommy Cham Interview

For this month dj interview, we will get up-close with Heineken Found @ Thirst 2011 winner and talented DJ Tommy Cham came all the way from Miri, currently based in KL. He graduated from a well known dj academy in Malaysia – Excessive Records. Let’s find out what’s happening and get more updated about Tommy in this interview.

1. Hello Tommy, first of all tell us how you started djing?
I used to be a bartender before I come across with djing. At that time, I always felt it is just too cool to be a dj and finally I made up my mind to start my music journey. After some time, a friend of mine introduced me with Royale DJ Academy, which is the studio I ‘born’. Since then, I found too hard to quit music and this is how I started my dj life.

2. Instead of using your real name, any chance of getting a stage name?
Oh, of course no. I still prefer my name as Tommy Cham. It may be a simple yet common name in Malaysia but for foreigners, it can be pretty special.

3. Wow, we saw that you’ve started some music production, tell us more about it.
For me, it is definitely not enough to just be a dj. Music production is another higher level which I wanted to achieve right now and in the future. I wish to produce my own tracks and hopefully one day they will be in the playing lists of any superstar djs.

4. Do you have a day job?
Yes. I am currently working as a marketing manager in an advertising company. Despite of my busy day job, I still active in music production as nothing will affect my dj life.

5. What is your favourite track(s) at the moment?
At the moment, “Xuan Hua Old Town” by Urban Fluxus is my favorite track. It is so rare that you can hear Chinese style from deep house music. It is a unique chilling music.

6. What did you do during your free time?
Download music, learn from people’s production, produce my own tracks and of course, generating new ideas for my next show.

7. Music festival or club parties?
Both. Music festival can be crazy while club parties is the time I get close contact with my fans.

8. What do you want to achieve in the coming years?
Produce more and more music and get a chance to play in a bigger rave party. And I hope more and more people will get to know me and my music. Next, I will build up my event night – Top Notch together with my partner, DJ Faith Angela.

9. Before we end this interview, what is your shoutout to the your fans and our readers?
Don’t think, just do it. You’ll never know what is there waiting for you. Life won’t be meaningful without music.

You can find out more about Tommy Cham on his official facebook fan page. –

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