Best Bass Heavy Techno Playlist Vol.1 of 2019

Techno Playlist 2019 - Best Bass Heavy Techno Playlist 2019

Here we have compiled and handpicked over 20 ultimate best bass heavy techno tracks that are uplifting, progressive, bass heavy and thumping your sound system to the next level. We carefully selected the techno songs from our favorite techno artists.

Speaker Bass
These tracks come with heavy thumping bass and it’s hard-hitting, so play those tracks at your own risk! We know there are many good techno songs out there, well, give us some time to research and those songs will be added and updated from time to time in our Ultimate Bass Heavy Techno Spotify playlist below.

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For DJs, this might be a good guide to include in your techno mix playlist and for music listeners, crank up the volume and no mercy on these tracks! From dark techno to acid techno, these will awaken your soul, keep the listener focused all the time. The compiled fast-paced, groovy techno playlist also suitable for gym workout and listen in the car!

We have been trying out some bass heavy techno songs in the gym and it definitely worked, 100% guaranteed to get more energetic and motivated.

To support the artists, you can purchase the songs online for only $1.49 (estimate about RM9) per tracks on Beatport. There are a few audio formats to choose from WAV, MP3, AIFF. We always choose WAV format when we buy music online because it is the best audio quality compared to compressed MP3 audio. Choosing WAV is always the best option because you will be listening to music as it originally recorded, it’s clearer and able to hear every little detail of the songs.

Feel free to follow our Techno Spotify playlist to keep track of new techno songs. Do tell us what is your favorite techno songs in the comment below and we will add it to the playlist in case we missed out some other best techno tracks.

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