4 Ways To Be A Considerate Smokers In Malaysia

Smoking Ban in Malaysia

With the new smoking ban at eateries declared nationwide from 1st January 2019 onwards, now smokers in Malaysia can no longer smoke in mamaks, restaurants, food stalls or any eateries in Malaysia. The smoking ban in Malaysia has recently become a hot topic among the locals. The person who breaks the new law will get fined by the authorities or even worse, jailed if caught red-handed smoking at the premises.
As we all know, secondary smoke is bad for our health and the people around us. For those who are not aware or visiting to Malaysia from other countries, here are the things you need to know about the new smoking ban in Malaysia before lighting up a cigarette. Penang Island already implemented the ban a few years ago, there are designated areas with ‘Smoking Zone‘ sign for smokers at certain areas in the city.
No Smoking Sign
The new smoking ban has been ruled out and all smokers are required to smoke minimum at 3 meters away from the premises. We are not sure yet if there will be ‘smoking spots‘ for such premises at mamaks or food stalls, but the 3 meters away rules still need to be followed. There are designated smoking area for smokers such as in the airport, air-conditioned restaurants etc. Yes, smokers no longer can smoke in the air-conditioned premises.

1. Be Aware Of The People Around

Don't smoke in crowded area
Always be aware of the people around and the surrounding. Don’t smoke in a crowded place or blow cigarette smokes near toddlers, small children or elderly people. The smoke can be easily blown by the wind to the person nearby and it can annoy the non-smokers with bad smell. When sees someone rubbing or covering their nose with hands, quickly move away.

2. Smoke Near Rubbish Bins with Ashtray

Smoking Bin
There are many rubbish bins with ashtray around the city, outside office buildings, hotels, airport etc. If there’s an urge to smoke, make sure to find one and stand beside it and do your stuff. Although the smoking rules in Kuala Lumpur is not as strict as in Singapore, still need to have our own discipline.

3. Do Not Simply Throw Cigarette Butts

Smoking Ashtray
Don’t simply throw the cigarette butts, either when walking or in the car. Always find a rubbish bin nearby as we mentioned above. Smoking while driving can be dangerous too. Be considerate and do not throw butts out of the window, if smoking in the car, make sure to prepare a container (normally we just use an empty cigarette box) to put the cigarette butts and the ash. Let’s keep the road clean.

4. Do Not Smoke While Walking

No smoking while walking
If smoking while walking, the smoke will be blown to the person walking behind or surrounding. Make sure to be aware of this, take a look if there are people around, walk slowly to let them pass or be a gentleman to let the person walk first.
These are some of the no smoking tips need to know if traveling to Malaysia. As for vapers, it’s good news because there is no banning on vaping or shisha at eateries, for now.

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