WMW2019: A New Light In The Electronic Music Scene In Malaysia

WMW 2019 - A New Light In The Electronic Music Scene In Malaysia

March 7-10, Wired Music Week was a huge success drawing in a cumulative crowd of over 1,000+ consisting of local and foreign visitors. This all happened within the four-day weekend during the day conference and night festival taking place across 6 venues in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
With a solid lineup of artists and panelists – these 85+ individuals brought their A-game in connecting even more people together who are passionate in the electronic music industry. Attendees of Asia’s Largest Electronic Music Conference + Festival had the chance to experience the different exciting activities including: panel discussions, workshops and masterclasses, keynote presentations, the latest tech and gear Exhibition, and priceless networking opportunities set up by the WMW Foundation.
Did we mention the crazy after-parties that happened every night after the daytime conference? It was a well-balanced effort to ensure the best of both worlds to our delegates this 2019.
WMW 2019 Panelists
The locals’ top picks were the Demodrop and 1-on-1 Advice Sessions; it allowed attendees to present their masterpieces and potentially get signed by major labels. The labels and brands present included: Barong Family, Warner Asia, Spinnin Records, Armada Music, Revealed Recordings, 2-Dutch Music Group, Empire, Klash, Cinematik, Jakd, Vocal Kitchen, The Power House, 1001 Tracklists, Moon Jelly Agency, and Future House Music.
“[Wired Music Week] is catered to all with a passion and healthy interest in the electronic music community beyond Asia itself. It is a golden opportunity for all music enthusiasts to network and learn from each other, while advancing as a community,” mentioned John Beh, the Founder of WMW.
WMW 2019
WMW is crafted with the strong mindset and intention of developing a solid platform to connect the Western culture to Asian cultivation within the music industry. Without a doubt, after seeing the overwhelming response after the first & second edition of WMW, the team is pumped up and ready to get planning for something bigger and better, so see you there at WIRED MUSIC WEEK 2020!

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