REZZ Got Her Audi R8 Supercar Wrapped In New Color

Rezz Supercar New Color

Canadian Electronic Music DJ/producer Rezz recently revealed her Audi R8 with a new color. She posted a short IG video of her Audi R8 wrapped in Satin black which looks absolutely stunning.
There is custom red done on the logo and lining on the bumper which goes well with the new Satin Black.

Best day of my life is definitely today
I never even really carried for material objects but purchasing the R8 with my own hard work has been a really mindblowing thing for me. My hands were shaky while driving it cuz can’t believe it’s mine – Rezz

Rezz bought herself an Audi R8 last February and has been planning to get it wrapped that reflects her personality. Today, her dream came true with the new red and black color. We also totally agreed she is one of the coolest female DJ on the planet right now.
It was pretty amazing to see DJs working hard and spend time customizing their exotic performance cars. ❤️

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