13 Things Should Not Say To A Club DJ

Things Not To Say To DJs - Rules in the club

The job of a DJ is to entertain the crowd and hyped up the scene, to increase sales for the clubs. Sometime they work all night playing fast-paced music. Whether he’s a bar or club DJ, they are still working hard to play for the crowd and feel good when they see the crowd dancing to their music.

We all go to the club to have fun, enjoy the music, boozed out but do not disturb the DJ while he/she is working. Saying things that are not related can be disrespectful or annoying to the DJ. Here are the 13 things NOT to say to a club DJ.

1. Yo bro!

Yo Bro
If a stranger, try not to say ‘Yo Bro!‘ to a DJ when it’s the first time meeting him in the booth because the DJ don’t even know who are we are. We can be polite and greet him by stage name or DJ name.

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2. Can I hang out with you in the booth

Crowd Standing Behind DJ Booth
No, please don’t hang out in the DJ booth because this might interrupt or disturb the DJ concentration. Unless given special permission, it will be great to hang out but even for a VVVIPs or invited guests there also golden rules behind the DJ booth such as don’t touch the DJ deck, don’t put drink near equipment, don’t sit (on or near) the booth etc. A DJ booth is a working place and presentation only for the DJ.[/sociallocker]

3. Do you know this song? It goes like this.

Crazy Kungfu Mic
It goes like this, ‘Nah dah nah dahh dahh dah…, you know?’. Asking the DJ if he/she knows the song and then sing it to them or show it on mobile phone is ridiculous. They can’t even hear in such a loud and noisy environment.

4. How can you not have that song, dude?

Hands Up DJ
Usually, the DJs have done some ‘homework, arranging tracklist or playlist before they go to work. The kind of ‘popular’ songs we are looking for might not be in their playlist so don’t go request for that only song.

5. Request commercial songs when they play Techno

Music Request DJ
Don’t go to a Techno themed night and request commercial or EDM songs. A themed night is where the DJ will perform only a certain genre for the night. Techno for Techno, and definitely no song request so the DJ can go with the music flow.

6. Hey, can you turn that down?

Turn Down For What
Asking the DJ to turn down the music is disrespectful. It’s a club and the party is on for everyone. Unless in certain circumstances or emergency, only the club management has the rights to turn it down. That’s what Lil Jon songs sound like, Turn Down For What!

7. It’s my birthday, play this song!

Birthday Song Request DJ
Requesting a birthday song at a busy nightclub is totally a no-no. The DJ spin music for the crowd and not only for anyone special for the whole night. Just sit tight, enjoy the birthday party and the music, that’s all. In some clubs, we can request for Birthday announcement but just let the DJ make the choice for you.

8. I have a few songs I want you to play

Song Request Playlist Annoyed DJ
DJs are not a jukebox, don’t simply ask or request them to play the songs. They work for the club to entertain the crowd and not only one person. Don’t go asking them to play the whole Spotify playlist. In certain circumstances, asked the DJ nicely and the genre requested is in their playlist, they will surely play the song.

9. Can I use the mic?

Grab The Mic
No. Only the MC or the DJ himself can use the mic. MC use the mic to hype up the dance scene. Using mic without permission while they are spinning or mixing a track can disrupt their performance.

10. Can you make a living by DJing?

Roll Eyes
Don’t go asking the DJ how they make or how much they make. It’s private and confidential. Some take DJing as a hobby, a passion and also a career.

11. Making non-related requests

Funny People order Drink at DJ Booth
Don’t simply go make non-related requests or disturb the DJ when they are performing. DJ booth is not a place like a counter to make a request. Stay away in distance from the DJ booth so they can do their job.

12. Do you have guestlist for my friends?

Club Guestlist Request DJ
It can be annoying when asking for guestlist for friends while they are working. We can’t simply ask for guestlist from the DJ especially for a stranger. It’s not so hard to pay the entrance fee and get a free drink to show support to the DJs of the night.

13. That song really good, dude what are those song names?

Shake Head
DJ doesn’t have time to answer all questions while they are working in the club. If want to know the songs, try use an app like SoundHound to find out the song easily.

All these questions can be very annoying and are the things should not say to club DJs. It’s also good to learn the basic rules of things to do and not to do in the club which you can check out basic club rules & guide.

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