Top 5 Things Not to Do at Nightclubs

Things Not To Do in Nightclubs

Here are the 5 basic guides of things not to do in nightclubs. Be responsible clubbers and always follow the club rules and we are sure you’ll never get into trouble. Stay out of trouble and always bring convenient things you can take inside a club or bar. If you’re going to dance music festivals, find out how to survive at a music festival and if you’re going to a dance club, read on below.

Never get a free drink from strangers
Never drink liquor or drinks given by a stranger. Like what you’ve learned since young “never get sweets from a stranger”. It’s the same theory, you’ll never know what is inside the drink. Otherwise, you might get spiked. Spiked drinks sometimes might produce bubbles at the surface of your drink or nothing at all and you will never know. Only enjoy drinks you bought yourself or treat from good friends.

Never leave your car with an irresponsible car jockey
This happens most of the time when irresponsible car jockeys used your car like toys, and even they get your car scratched and never admit it. Make sure to double-check your car condition after clubbing.

Don’t simply request songs from DJ
Well, you go clubbing to enjoy the music played, let the DJ do their job to entertain you. Most of the DJ knows what they’re doing and dislike song request. There are certain DJ booth rules you need to follow while you’re partying.

Don’t do drugs
Never do drugs. You’ll kill yourself when gets too ‘high’ or even get in trouble with the authorities. Party safe.

Don’t get too drunk
Who is going to get you home when you’re drunk or KO on the floor? LOL. Be safe party people. I know you’ll have fun but at least have it the safe way and enjoy the night.

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