5 Best Karaoke Places to Sing Your Hearts Out in Kuala Lumpur

Best Karaoke Places KL

Even when there’s no occasion, a few hours in karaoke in KL can guarantee good times. Inside a karaoke place, you can sing, rap and even dance your heart out. It’s ideal for practicing, de-stressing and bonding with friends.

You can do so without worrying about annoying your neighbors. The atmosphere also helps you focus on singing. It’s much better than belting or humming while you’re driving. You can always go alone, but it’s more fun to have your friends along.

Sing Song
With your friends, you can have someone to perform with. Your companions can also introduce songs that you haven’t heard before.

Many karaoke places make singing more enjoyable by serving guests with meals and drinks. There are even additional amenities like pool tables. However, the bigger screens, cozier seats, more spacious rooms and longer lists of songs are still more noteworthy.

Are you getting over a heartbreak? Or, do you simply want to try out those lively K-pop songs. Do you want to relive your childhood by singing Disney soundtracks? Karaoke places have the songs, equipment, and avenue you need. Below are the top 5 karaoke places in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Karaoke Manekineko

Karaoke Manekineko - Best Karaoke in KL
The popular joint lets you experience Japanese karaoke culture at its finest. Located in EkoCheras Mall, it forms part of the popular karaoke chain that originated in Japan. As such, expect kawaii-looking interior. Japanese songs are also included in their music library. If those aren’t your thing, you can always go for Malay, English, Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean hits.

Karaoke Manekineko is noteworthy for having more than 30 rooms, two of which are regarded as VIP rooms. Compared to the regular room, the VIP room can accommodate as many as 30 people. After you hit the mini stage in the said room, you can play with others on the pool table.

The establishment further sets the bar high with their irresistible karaoke promotions. The student special promo lets youngsters enjoy singing, munching tidbits and drinking non-alcoholic beverages. You can also try the Carlsberg and Somersby products they offer at discounted prices. Customers who are celebrating their birthdays are given free cakes, too.

2. Loud Speaker

Loudspeaker - Best Karaoke Places in KL
It’s a no-brainer that karaoke places with many features are bound to have higher rates. The good news is that there’s still cheap karaoke out there. Loud Speaker is among the notable examples. With rates starting from RM 7, you can enter one of their rooms and unleash your inner performer.

Aside from the affordable rates, the joint is well-loved for its user-friendly karaoke system. You can find and pick songs in a matter of seconds.

Before visiting, head to their website and social media pages to find out upcoming events. You might get a chance to meet your favorite performers or discover budding artists.

3. Replay

Replay Karaoke - Best Karaoke Places in KL
Replay takes pride in their selection of the best karaoke songs from various genres. You can also get lost in time when you perform hits from different generations. Aside from mainstream music, indie also has a place in their music library.

In this place, you can enjoy singing and drinking until the wee hours. It’s among the few karaoke joints that are open later than midnight.

4. CEO Neway Karaoke

CEO Neway Karaoke - Best Karaoke Places in KL
CEO Neway Karaoke delights their customers with their impressive sound system, extensive song list, and posh interior. There’s enough space for a dance number, too. It stands out for its family-friendly concept. It’s not also surprising to see groups of students having fun therein.

The outlet is open from lunchtime to midnight. Free flow drinks await customers during lunchtime and in the afternoon. In the evening, one or two servings of non-alcoholic drinks are available. There are even lunch sets and buffets on certain hours and days. There’s no need for you to dine elsewhere before or after you hit the notes of your favorite tunes.

You can also take advantage of their group discounts. If you love going to karaoke, consider getting a membership card. With such, you can get discounted rates when you go to any Neway outlet.

5. Red Box Plus

RedBox Plus - Best Karaoke in KL
Not everyone feels at ease belting out or rapping, especially when there’s an audience around. Thankfully, Red Box Plus lets you get a confidence boost from their servings of alcoholic drinks. This is just a bonus to their extensive music library.

Inside the outlet, you won’t immediately think you’re in a karaoke place due to its sophisticated interior. The furniture sets alone are equally classy and comfy. It’s also worth noting how the smallest room can even fit around 10 people.

In Red Box Plus, you’ll also feel like some kind of a VIP thanks to the staff’s top-notch service. In between songs, you can treat yourself with their meals and drinks.

If you’re planning to go to any of the said places, reserve a room in advance. By doing so, the staff can prepare and keep it vacant. When you arrive, you can simply ask about your reservation and head to the room right away. There’s no need for you to wait before you can get hold of the mic.

Why Malaysian Love To Go Karaoke At Night?

Most of the time, we Malaysian love to go sing karaoke during the night, singing at karaoke at night is already the culture here which give a unique ‘feeling‘. For some other reason, we can also enjoy discounts on the karaoke room rates, drinks & food promotion.

Some love to organize a celebration party such as birthday or farewell party at karaoke joints in Malaysia. We also love to sing in the dark, with the lights turn off. Such a good feeling!

Have you been to these karaoke joints we listed above? Feel free to give comment or experience below.

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