5 Coolest Halloween Costumes Ideas

The fun is here! Halloween is just around the corner in October but still haven’t decided what Halloween costume to wear for this ghost and ghoul night. Afraid not, here we have some Halloween costume ideas for your ‘horror‘ night out party. When it comes to Halloween, one doesn’t need to wear the scariest costume but maybe try new way of wearing something that is outstanding from the others, perhaps cool looking costume.

We also revealed a few costumes for Halloween Costumes for Parties, it worth take a look.

There are costume shops out there where you can rent out the outfit for a price or if you can afford it, just buy it. The other option is to shop online via Amazon or online shops that sell Halloween costumes. The most common Halloween outfit like a Scream mask, Vendetta, and skeletons costume can be easily found in shops. Well, it’s too common, maybe you can try out our 5 coolest Halloween costume ideas trending in 2016 as below.

Annabelle Doll

Annabelle - 5 Coolest Halloween Costumes Ideas of 2016 1
Remembered the creepy-looking Annabelle doll from The Conjuring? Perhaps it is the most suitable for this year’s Halloween. It’s a doll so all you need is the Annabelle look-alike makeup, wick, and an old dress.

The Joker Suicide Squad version

Joker - 5 Coolest Halloween Costumes Ideas of 2016 2
This is the coolest Halloween costume of 2016 in my opinion, we chose The Joker from Suicide Squad because it looks really like a bad guy everyone is scared of and of course, cool!


Spongebob - 5 Coolest Halloween Costumes Ideas of 2016 3
Well if you decided on the funny and silly way to dress up for Halloween this year, Spongebob is the costume you need. You’ll look square and yellow, plus with the brown pants. The best is, it’s suitable for all ages, kids, women and men too.

Beast from Beauty and The Beast

Beauty & The Beast - 5 Coolest Halloween Costumes Ideas of 2016 4
Wow! Guess this one is the best of all Halloween costumes, dress up like the Beast and you’ll way to go impressing everyone around you and guess what, it’s going to be huge! We are not sure where to get this costume, but when there’s always a way if you want it.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn - 5 Coolest Halloween Costumes Ideas of 2016 5
The most popular Halloween costume of 2016 goes to Harley Quinn. It’s one of the most searched characters from the Suicide Squad film on the internet. Many people are trying to look like Harley Quinn this Halloween. So this is the winner’s costume. Best paired with a partner dressed like The Joker. 😉 And don’t forget the baseball bat… and gun.

So now you got the idea for your Halloween night?

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