How to Be A DJ in Malaysia, Tips & Guide

How To Be A DJ Tips Malaysia

Seems like ‘how to be a DJ in Malaysia‘ was one of the most asked question and trending topic on Nocturnal recently, so we are here to answer our reader’s question.

Whether it is just a hobby over the weekend or a passion for music, anyone can be a DJ. It is not hard to be a DJ in Malaysia, hard work and lots of practice are required. As there is a popular quote saying, practice makes perfect. Yes, it is important if you want to become a DJ. Practice, practice, and practice to perfection. If you have a music background, it will be much easier to get started.

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Become DJ Tips
Becoming a DJ in Malaysia is not hard, but learning basic skills might need some time to practice and basic knowledge. In order to understand and make no mistake, you need to learn the basic from the professional. There are many DJ school in Malaysia that provide DJ courses for beginners.

Attending DJ classes helps to learn the proper way of beat matching, scratching, pitching, how to use the effects knob and when to mix a dance track. Get hands-on the DJ equipment used in the dance clubs which is the DJ mixer, CDJ Players or turntables. At DJ school, the students will also learn how to use the EQs for basic mixing.

When all the basic that has been learned, it’s the creativity is all up to the individual on how to make the crowd bound to their music. Many professional DJs still keep practicing to find new DJ techniques to present to their crowd or followers. For beginners, as we already said, practice makes perfect.

Self Learn DJing

Self Learn DJ Tips and Guide
Anyone can be DJ if there is a passion or already a music talent. There are many self-learn DJs in Malaysia, from the bedroom to professional DJs. They learned the beat-matching, pitching, etc. Beginner self learns DJ might take some time to get their hands on and perfect their DJing skills unless they are music talents who already know how to count the bars.

A lot of practice time is required for self-learned DJ. They also need to invest in DJ equipment either the CDJs or DJ controller. There are many brands to check out including Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon and many more.

Pioneer DDJ 200 DJ Controller 2019 Model - iPhone Compatible

To get started, get the basic DJ controller, a pair of monitor speakers, a DJ headphone and it’s good to go. If things go wrong or not able to catch up, there are DJ bootcamp or DJ workshop you can attend in Malaysia to learn basic DJ skill.

A DJ controller has all the basic features and functions beginner needs. To find out the latest models from Pioneer DJ, download the latest DJ catalogue now.

Learn From A Club DJ

Club DJ Guide
Might sound a bit odd, but some times we used to say, the world is so small. Go out with friends and socialize, at the club or bars. Make sure don’t do or say anything that will offend them, because there are certain DJ rules to know.

Get a friend to introduce if they know any DJ friends because one day you might meet through a mutual friend. Or, if lucky to know a friend who works in the dance club, go ahead and ask them to teach, make sure to return them a flavor as a thank you. Sometimes, if you have friends who are a musician or music producer, they do have wider connection, ask around.

Now you know the basics of becoming a DJ in Malaysia. Which method would you go for? Sign up at a DJ school, self-learning or get help from a friend?

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