How to Stay Healthy without Quitting Clubbing

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A few steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle without quitting your nightlife activities.

Drink red wine
Red wine is made of grape juice and casual consumption of red wine gives you health benefits. Wine is good for your heart and acts as an antioxidant, cutting the risk of certain cancers and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Drink juice
If you’re not the kind of heavy drinker that likes to booze till you black out, you can order some juice blended cocktails or just order cola drinks or drink beer.

Drink stout beer
Drinking stout beer has some health benefits. It helps reduce heart disease, kidney stones and certain cancer.

Quit smoking
Smoking in nightclubs is common in some clubs sometimes to entertain or just casual smoking. Some countries have non-smoking clubs, where you are restricted to smoking indoors. Everyone smoke, but do consider the person next to you. Secondhand cigarette smoke is bad for non-smokers and even for yourself.

Say no to drugs!
Drugs are illegal. Stay away from it!

Eat healthily
Went to clubbing but end up going back late, and feeling hungry? Eating at late hours or having supper is considered an unhealthy lifestyle. If you’re hungry but can’t resist and want to have something to fill your stomach, make sure to have a light meal, having hot tea, dim sum or bread. Make sure it’s light and not oily.

Plan your day to go to the gym and work out! You can enjoy your favourite music on your iPod while you work out. It’s enjoyable too.

Don’t sleep too late
Always attend the party as early as you can, the party starts from 11 pm onwards at some nightclubs and dance clubs, depends. That is when the real party begin where the clubbers start filling up the dancefloor. Staying up or sleeping late is unhealthy. We’re not asking you to skip your favourite DJs, of course, you can enjoy the music & watch your favourite DJ perform until the end of the show. Just make sure you get enough sleep to gain energy if you’re working the next morning.

It’s weekends, what I’m going to do? Just go ahead and enjoy! Go clubbing, go party and enjoy your night out. (For those who are not working on weekends)

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