Learn Cutting Shapes Shuffle Dance With 5 Easy Steps

Cutting Shape Dance

Shuffle dance is developed in the UK during the late 1980s and early 90s in Melbourne Australia, which known as Melbourne Shuffle. It is originally danced to Hardstyle music when the genre popularity was at the peak in Melbourne. The dance move was developed with arm movements and stomping heel-to-toe along with glowing rave tubes on their wrists.

Melbourne shuffle begins to calm by mid-2009 and the dance moves later resurface into a new style of shuffling called cutting shapes dance. Nowadays the new shuffle dance moves work well with any electronic dance music from Electro House, House Music, Melbourne Bounce, even the Old School Eurodance and etc.

Learning Cutting Shapes Dance

Everyone can learn these dance including young teenagers, male and female! Dancing can lift your mood, releases stress and in the meantime exercise for the fitter body.

We can see there are many shuffle girls has gone viral online and it became a Youtube sensation from 2016 till present. Those new dance moves can be seen performed at the world’s electronic music festivals.

This video is an easy way for beginners to learn shuffle/cutting shape in just 5 easy steps. Get your dance shoes on and start learning. Can’t get it right? Don’t give up yet because practice made perfect.

Here we have shuffle dance girl videos for you to check out

Those House Shuffle looks great, felt like dancing to it, huh?

Storm Trooper Dance

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