Where To Go After Party – Mamak Food Guide in Malaysia

Popular After Party Food Malaysia

Where to find food after a long night out for clubs? Ever know what the favourite Malaysian foods & drinks are ordered after finishing clubbing & partying? This guide shows you the list of foods & drinks that normally Malaysian clubbers like and parts of the Malaysian lifestyle. Most of the clubber’s favourite hangout place is called Mamak stall, with a wide range variety of foods and drinks to choose from for your supper.

Here are the basic

Drinks to order
Teh O Ais Limau (Ice Lemon Tea) with sliced lemon
Milo Ais (Milo with Ice) / Hot Milo
The Ais (Ice Tea)
Teh O Ais (Ice Tea) / Teh O Panas (Hot Tea)
Soft drinks (Coke, Pepsi, Kickapoo, F&N etc)

Foods to order
Maggi Mee Goreng or Fried Maggi Noodle with tofu (bean cube), tauge, eggs etc. Best serves with an egg on top.
Maggi Sup or Maggi noodles served in soup
Mee Goreng Mamak (Mamak Fried Mee), spicy or non-spicy
Indomee Goreng is best served with an egg on top.
Roti Kosong, roti telur, roti planta and other types of roti served in curry
Ayam goreng or Fried chicken mamak style
Nasi Lemak is sometimes served with other dishes including Ayam Goreng (fried chicken), muttons, eggs, sambal & groundnuts.
Nasi Biryani is best served with fried chicken, vegetables, rendang, sambal and other spicy foods.

Some tips here if you’re drunk after clubs, we suggest you drink Teh-O-Ais Limau (Ice Lemon Tea) as this helps to reduce the effects of alcohol. Never eat any oily or spicy foods as this will make things worse, you’ll end up vomiting, undigested food.

As advice to all party-goers, don’t drink and drive! Read more about what to do in KL

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