8 Best Portrait Ideas – How To Take the Best Portrait Photos in 2022

Best Portrait Ideas - How to Take Best Portrait Photos in 2022

Learning how to take the best portrait photos can be tough. But these simple tips will have you on your way to developing the skill of a pro photographer in no time! Portrait photography doesn’t have to be complicated!

There are a number of factors that make a photo great, such as composition and lighting, but many people forget that the human factor is just as important. When you’re taking a portrait, it’s not just the light and angle of the shot that counts; the way you pose and act when taking a photo is crucial.

It’s not so much what you do but how you pose and react to the situation.

When taking a photo, it’s important to tell a story and work with the subject. A lot of women try to pose, but it’s actually more about the person. If they feel comfortable in front of the camera, they can look natural. Doing simple poses like the ones below will help the person feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Have the subject stand to one side and the camera at a 45-degree angle. This will make it look like the camera is directly in their face, but in reality, the camera is just a little behind them.

Be aware of the arms. Avoid too much movement or it’s going to look like a fashion shoot. Again, have the subject sit or stand in front of the camera at 45 degrees. You can put a hat on the subject to help them look natural and relaxed.

There are several options of camera angles you can use to create great photos, but here are a few examples.

There are a lot of different portraits poses to try, but if you want to take it a step further and make the photo more personable, then utilize a natural light source. With natural light, the camera will pick up on the more subtle differences in a person’s face.

You can make your photo look more professional by using flash, but that does not mean it is not a candid moment. By using flash you create a more business-like photo, but it will still be a candid moment in most peoples’ eyes.

Something else to consider when taking photos of people is not to take the photo as a person is moving around. Moving subjects sometimes can be used for creative shots such as motion blur.

It is very easy to move from one pose to another, but if you don’t have the person hold still during the photoshoot you will lose that candid feel. While it is not hard to take photos of people, it can be very difficult to get the right pose.

While poses can make a photo not boring, choosing the best place for a photoshoot is also important. You want to make sure you have to find the best photoshoot locations for the shot, and that you can light the subject well so that it is not too dark or too light.

8 Great Ways of Getting the Stunning Photos with These Best Portrait Ideas

Finding the right spot for a photoshoot may be important, but it also requires practice. It is very hard to get the right pose when you are first starting out, so keep at it and practice, practice, practice!

Here are some of the 8 best portrait ideas exclusively from our editors in order to get stunning and best portrait photos.

1. Choose the right camera lens

To achieve great portrait photos and want to get the best results, you should use a good camera lens. There are numerous camera lenses that can give you a variety of effects. Choosing the right camera lens is one of our most important steps in portrait photography and the best portrait ideas.

Most portrait photographers can use camera lenses ranging from 23mm to 85mm or above. If you are looking for the perfect portrait photography lens, then go with a prime lens. This type of lens is used primarily for its sharpness and lightness, which is great for portraits.

To avoid blurry portrait photos, you should focus your camera on the face of your subject or use in-camera eye detection. You can place a small light reflector in front of your subject’s face or in the back to help light up the photo subject.

2. Catchlight in the eyes

One way to make sure that you have the right lighting is to look for the twinkle or catchlight in the eyes of your subject. Catchlight in the eyes makes photos stand out the most. Once you look for this twinkle and get it, you will know you have it.

You can try out some of the best lightings for Tik Tok for photoshoot use.

Position your subject for eye contact, make sure the nose and eyes are looking towards the camera or 45 degrees to the side. Place your subject where there is best natural light, overcasting on your subjects.

3. Lens filter effects

Using a lens filter can also help with getting stunning and best portrait photos. Lens filters such as the diffusion lens filter can create dreamy and soft effects on your subject, which is great for portraits. You can learn how to use diffusion filters to create dreamy images whether it’s for people or streets.

The diffusion effect can make your subject look more glowy and has a great vintage feel to it. There are also a lot of diffusers that come in different types and sizes, which can come in handy if you aren’t lucky enough to have an effect on the environment.

Don’t listen or worry about the rumours of the diffusion filter that will make the image quality looks bad. A lot of diffusers available on the market are specifically designed to create the best quality images.

With careful adjustments and experimenting, you can control your image by reducing the amount of light entering the camera which may help in achieving better exposure results.

4. The golden hour

The golden hour is when the brightest light of the day falls on a scene, especially on portraits. This is also the perfect time for outdoor photography as it gives you the opportunity to catch the golden hour in your work.

To be able to achieve a great picture in the golden hour, you’ll need to look for the right location. Ideally, you’ll want to capture the golden hour in front of a wide-open window which will get enough light to take good pictures. The ideal time is around 1 hour before the sunsets.

The composition of the photograph should also be perfect to get a great picture. A good portrait will result in a professional and more flattering picture. For example, when taking a picture of the sunset, the background should be behind you and the sun should be low on the horizon shining on your subject.

Best Portrait Ideas - Backlight Technique
You can also use the backlight technique for some creative shots. You need to take a picture of your subject with their back facing the sunlight and use the natural light in the background to create an interesting cinematic shot.

5. The light meter

Before you take any picture, it’s best to find out the correct exposure settings that you need to be taking. A light meter is an option that allows you to do just that. You can find this function in the camera’s settings menu.

The light meter allows you to choose the proper settings according to the actual light conditions. But before you start taking pictures, you need to know what camera settings you can use and which ones are not recommended. You can use the in-camera exposure or histogram to find the correct exposure.

For a film SLR or film viewfinder camera, you can use a light meter attached to the flash hot shoe mount and find out the best exposure for the current scene. If the meter gives a reading that is too dark or too bright, you can easily adjust the settings.

For digital mirrorless cameras, you need to take a reading from the light meter or in-camera histogram before you decide on the settings to be used. You can choose either the shutter speed or aperture to change, depending on the lighting conditions.

6. Different camera angles

Different camera angles for portraits give you a different look. Try changing the height, angle and distance of the camera. You can use different combinations to try the shots to see which works best for you.

1. Low angle – This angle gives you a power shot or some say it is a hero shot. The camera lens is placed at a low angle slightly tilted up. This gives the image a more flattering and powerful look.

2. High angle – The camera lens is positioned at an angle that is higher than the horizontal. This angle gives a more creative and artistic feel to the photograph.

3. Eye-level – The camera is placed close to the subject giving a more natural and intimate feel. You can get a nice catchlight in the eyes if your lighting is located either from 45 degrees from the side or above.

4. Close up camera – Here the camera is placed at an even closer range with the subject. This gives a more intimate and dramatic look to the image and is more used in portraits.

7. Try Different Poses

With different shots, you can add in personality and your own style. You could also use the same shot but in a different light or from a different perspective to achieve a nice, creative finish to the picture.

Posing is important in photography and is one of the best portrait ideas that you need to know. When you know how to pose your model or subject the right way, you can easily create great images.

Try different posing for your subjects, it will make the image more interesting. Different poses will create a different kind of mood and style in your professional portrait photography projects.

Some of the most basic yet best portrait pose to use is the sideway poses, leaning pose, and over the shoulder pose. These poses are easy to create and quite flexible in creating different personalities in the portrait.

When using these poses, make sure you have your subject well-posed and with the perfect facial expression.

8. Post Processing

At first, the picture looks a bit too dull and bland. If you want to make the picture look more interesting and vibrant in colors, you can use some post-processing effects.

In order to get the vibrant colors, first, use the blue-ish filter in your picture. After that, you can apply the other filters for contrast and saturation, but make sure not to overdo it.

The over-saturation would make the picture look unbalanced and blurred. Most photographers use either Capture One, Lightroom or Photoshop for their image post-processing.

If you are a Fujifilm user, you shoot straight out of the camera without the hassle of editing. By using the Fujifilm recipes, also known as custom film simulations, Fujifilm users will be able to create a certain mood and film-like color. It is very different from applying filters which is also a post-processing method.

There are popular Fujifilm film simulation recipes such as the Kodachrome 64 and Kodak Portra 400 recipes to try out. If you use it the right way, you will get stunning results. However, you have to shoot in the right light and correct exposure first-hand.

This post is not all about Fujifilm cameras, but if you are using other camera brands other than Fujifilm you still can apply the said film-like color using post-processing or Lightroom filters which can be easily found online.


As a personal portrait photographer, you will be able to get some best portrait shots in your own style. You’ll get better results through creative posing and well-positioned facial expressions.

Try out these creative portrait photography ideas and extra tips for your next shoots. You will be able to achieve professional portrait photography results in no time.

Bask in the perfection of your images and make sure you have what it takes for a successful portrait photography shoot. Photography is still photography using the capture, storage, and transmission of images to the public.

Professional photographers are capable of taking great photographs on demand with a minimum amount of difficulty to execute a successful shot. A professional photographer should have a lot of patience, tenacity, and technical knowledge to make sure that the photos will be taken on time.

What do you think of the best portrait ideas above and which ideas do you like the most? Feel free to share this post with your friends and family if you found this post is informative.

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