4 Ways To Travel to Clubbing Destinations in Kuala Lumpur

Here are some of the tips & ways to travel to your clubbing destinations in Kuala Lumpur. Traveling using GrabCar Malaysia or MyTeksi service already becoming a trend in the Malaysian lifestyle nowadays. At some big events like Johnnie Walker, they will actually provide these services for party-goers. It is easy and the safest way to travel in town, let’s check out some of the transportation guides on how to get to clubs the most convenient way.

GrabCar Malaysia

GrabCar is one of the latest ways of traveling to a location with a private driver. You can have an enjoyable journey in a private car to your favorite dance club or any other place! In order to use this car booking service, just download the mobile app for iPhone & Androids and get your credit card ready. Similar to MyTeksi, GrabCar will connect the closest driver based on the pin location.

MyTeksi Malaysia

MyTeksi is one of the first mobile taxi services which provides convenience and safe way to travel in Malaysia. All you need to do is download the MyTeksi app and make the taxi booking through mobile app platform for Androids, iPhones, and iPads. Booking a taxi is pretty straight forward, by using the MyTeksi app to check for taxis nearby your area with your phone’s built-in GPS.

How to: Get the taxi confirmed in just 3 minutes, take the taxi to your party or clubbing destination. There will be no hassle of finding parking at clubbing peak hours, you don’t even have to worry about that! All you need is squeeze through the traffic or leave your home earlier to avoid heavy traffic jam.


Going clubbing with a group of friends is the best way to travel because you can tag along with friends or buddies for carpool. You’ll avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam, you’ll know the feeling, of losing temper in the jam!

How to: Why not carpool? The best way to save some cash for petrol, phone bills and of course save the environment from air pollution. Carpooling is fun, as you travel along with your friends, you can communicate or chat with your friends about anything before your clubbing activities start. But always remember to share some petrol cash for your good friend who willing to give you a ride! So when your friends are drunk and you’re not, you can drive them home safely.

Driving own car

Well, the most basic way to travel in town to a club or pubs, you get your own privacy, either with your partner or alone. There are advantage and disadvantages of driving own car.

Advantages: Why? Because you’re the boss! You make the call, leave early and drive off anytime whenever you like.

Disadvantages: You and your friends are drunk, and nobody drives you home. Even if you thought it’s safe but there is always the risk of accident and for other driver’s safety. You’ll definitely get into trouble with the police and wasted money on cash with the inconsiderate act of drink driving. So be safe party people. Don’t drink & drive!

Tips: If you know that you’re driving alone, it’s common sense to control your drinking limit or don’t drink at all. Just party and enjoy the music. You can just hang out at a nearby food stall after clubbing until you’re good to drive. According to experts, having coffee, cold shower or exercise will not make a person soberer, only time will tell.

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