Malaysia Nightlife, The Ultimate Guide

Malaysia Nightlife 2017

Malaysia : Truly Asia. From skyscraper buildings in the jungle city to tropical rainforest & beautiful islands, Malaysia definitely the best destination to travel in Southeast Asia. We take you on a journey to Malaysia nightlife to have a deeper understanding about Malaysia. We guide readers to find the best place to party and enjoy amazing night out. The popular Malaysia’s night life districts (we called it ‘nightlife hotspots‘), located in Penang, Perak, Johor Bahru, Sabah and the city centre in Kuala Lumpur.

If looking for activities when visiting Malaysia, these are the recommended tips to be part of Malaysian nightlife, culture & lifestyle.

The Ultimate Malaysia nightlife Guide

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic & cultural country in Southeast Asia. When night falls, lots of activities are happening as Malaysian people head out of their home to find entertainment such as shopping, dining & partying from dark till dawn. Not fulfilled by simply eating at an immaculate eatery? Try not to stress since you will locate an extensive variety of clubs and bars scattered over the city for the sake of entertainment filled and invigorating nightlife encounter.

Opening hours : It’s all depends on the venue opening hours. Pubs & bars normally opens till 1am or 2am while some popular dance clubs opens till 3am or 5am.

Penang Nightlife

Penang nightlife came alive after dark, at Upper Penang Road nightlife with patrons chilling out with beers, clubs & bars blasting out the music away.

Travel tips : Penang Island is a small city to find exciting many attractions & activities. The main city of Penang Georgetown was selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and the perfect spot to visit, surrounded by historical buildings to craving on delicious street foods like ‘mee laksa‘ & ‘fried Char Kuey Teow‘.

Ipoh Nightlife

Ipoh is the perfect city for food hunting, nightlife activities, and clubs. The night comes alive at the bars & pubs operating till late with DJ spinning latest clubbing music & live band performance.

Travel tips : During the day, it make food hunting a fun activities in Ipoh to find many delicious foods around town from ‘Ipoh white coffee‘, ‘tau fu fa‘, salty chicken and many more.

Malaysian clubbers

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Kuala Lumpur is known to many as the city that never sleeps and the busiest city in Malaysia. Nightlife in KL came alive after the sunset when clubs & bars opens its door for business with loud music taking all over KL city and bar crawl in a single night is fun and exciting without limitation.

In the event that you are searching for a funkier feeling, head over to the nightlife district in Bangsar, Sunway, Petaling Jaya and the new entertainment hub TREC with luxury clubs and bars, similar to the popular Lan Kwai Fong nightlife district in Hong Kong. To name a few, Avalon, Zouk Club, Fuze, COMO, Club Kyo, Pisco Bar are only a portion of the main names that give a stunning nightlife encounter.

Travel tips: We recommend in the 101 things to do in Kuala Lumpur, from visiting KL popular attractions, shopping at the largest shopping centers, visiting art galleries, fine-dining at the luxurious award-winning restaurants to partying at the best dance clubs in town and one of the best of Malaysia nightlife.

Changkat Bukit Bintang

For quite a while, Changkat Bukit Bintang situated in Bukit Bintang locale was prevalently considered as the dynamic focus of KL nightlife, particularly for some outsiders. Some highly popular venues in the area include the likes of Havana Bar and Grill, Pisco Bar, and Frangipani.

Travel tips: Visit Jalan Alor to appreciate a few legitimate street foods, restaurants, for example, pan-fried chicken bosoms, shellfish flapjacks, crispy squid and a great deal more.

Malacca Nightlife

When it comes to night life in Bandar Hilir Melaka, the only best night life entertainment venues are located at Jalan Merdeka. Mixx Nightclub & MOVIDA Hatten Square Bar is the place recommended for tourists & travelers who are on vacation and need to chill out during the night.

Travel tips : Malacca City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with exciting sight-seeing, attractions & cultural heritage buildings. The famous place to visit is A’Famosa, Melaka River, Crocodile farm, and historical mini-museums.

Johor Nightlife

The most popular Johor Bahru nightlife districts is located at Stulang Laut, with clubs & bars operating side-by-side facing the sea and neighbouring Merlion city, Singapore. Aruku The Walk is currently the hottest Malaysian nightlife entertainment located in the south of Malaysia, with a performance by local celebrities, DJs, & dance performers.

Travel tips : The latest tourist attraction, Legoland Malaysia is Malaysia’s 1st international theme park located in Johor Bahru. Among other popular attractions in Johor to visit including Endau Rompin National Park, Danga Bay, and the beautiful Pulai Desaru Beach stretches out 22-kilometre facing the South China Sea.

Sabah Nightlife

Kota Kinabalu is vibrant with its nightlife activities for clubbing and chilling out at the bars & pubs. Find out more nightclubs in Sabah.

Travel tips : Surrounded by thick rainforest, Sabah is the most exciting place to visit on earth if traveling in Malaysia. Gunung Kinabalu is the 4th highest mountain in Southeast Asia. Sabah is surrounded by many oceanic islands with crystal clear seawater and soft sand. Many divers from around the world headed to Sabah for its beautiful diving sites.

A place to visit for sightseeing of marines, flora & fauna at Kinabalu National Park, Tambunan Rafflesia Centre, Mabul Island, Sipadan Island, Turtle Island Park.

Langkawi Island Nightlife

Partying on an island in Malaysia is the way to spend precious time by the beachside. Beach rave parties in Malaysia are considered rare and it only happened once in a blue moon, but when there are one, it’s big. If you are the type who wants to party like no tomorrow on an island, then we recommend checking out best party islands in Southeast Asia.

There are many islands in Malaysia with crystal clear beaches, soft sand, and luxury beach resorts. Some of the popular islands for tourists is Perhentian Island, Redang Island, Pulau Kapas, Sipadan Island, Manukan Island, and so on.

All in all, you can be confident that Malaysia is not a place that would disappoint you as far a nightlife is concerned. The best thing about Malaysia nightlife is that it is not restricted to a certain genre and instead, has something to offer to everyone. You can also get to see some of the finest DJs performing here during their Asia tour in Malaysia. It all comes down to what you are looking for.

If it is the relaxation that you want, you will not be disappointed, while if it is a bit of entertainment that you would rather have, plenty of options are available. Hence, you can get new experiences and adventures with the nightlife spots in Malaysia that will change your outlook on the city forever and would enable you to see a new side of it.

How to Greet A Person in Malaysia

Here some tips on how to greet a Malaysian when traveling to Malaysia. To greet ‘How are you?’ in Bahasa Malaysia, means ‘Apa Khabar?’ (ah-pa-kha-bar). To say ‘Thank You’ to someone, greet back with ‘Terima Kasih‘, we pronounced it as (ter-ri-ma-kah-seh). Guess you have learned the basic greeting in Bahasa Malaysia and greet them in Bahasa Malaysia whenever you go shopping something or being served delicious food.

Good morning – Selamat Pagi
Good afternoon – Selamat Tengah Hari
Good evening – Selamat Petang
Good night – Selamat Malam

Transportation in Malaysia

Malaysia is a developed country and we have all types of transportation including public transport such as buses, taxis, MRT, KTM, Monorail, etc. Also with the convenient of GrabCar service, launched up the GrabCar app and go anywhere you like. Grab drivers in Malaysia are very friendly, sometimes if lucky enough, free drinks will be served while on the ride and have a good chat with them too!

Malaysia Map

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