DJ Eco Interview – TWELVE 13 Exclusive

All the way from US, DJ Eco will be performing in Malaysia for TWELVE 13 at KL Tower. Let’s hear out what DJ Eco have to say, about his career and the words to all his fans out there.

Hi DJ Eco. What is your real name?
Marcello Pacheco.

How did you get into DJ-ing and producing?
I was originally into hip hop music. I have a couple of turntables, I started buying all these vinyl records and the more I bought all these hip hop I found the electronic side. So started buying all the CDs, the podcast of Tiesto and others, I just fell in love with it. Then I started buying all the trance DJ music. I was about 15 years old too… so it was a while ago.

Who is your DJ hero?
My answer would have been different a few years ago but I want to say now is Armin… obviously. I’ve met him a couple of times now. He is such a nice guy.

What is your favourite colour? And why?
Green. I like nature. I use to like red but as I get older I like green. I don’t know why. For some reason I like green.

What is your thought when you wake up on 21st December 2012 and it is not the end of the world?
It is good to know that I still have a long time to do everything I want.

What is DJ Eco signature sound?
My sound… people describe it as very emotional. I listened to a lot of progressive rock and psychedelic rock. So I like to put that into my music. Very experimental melody.

Any collaboration plans for 2013?
Yeah…I have a lot going on. I’m doing more vocal tracks, I’ll be going with few new singers that I discovered in the United States. I’m very excited. I’m also working on a track with Juventa.

How do you like Malaysia so far?
I love it so far. People are nice. I almost lost my credit card and somebody said: “you forgot your credit card”. If in the USA they’ll be taking my credit card.

What can the fan expect from your set tomorrow?
High energy. It’s the last set of the night. I like playing at high tempo. I’m really happy they put me at the end. It is a good chance to send people off to a good direction of the New Year.

Any new materials that you’ll be testing tomorrow?

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