Interview with Leey Houdini – TWELVE 13 Exclusive

Local DJ hero Leey Houdini has some busy schedules ahead of 2013. Check out what Leey Houdini have to say to his fans and Clubbing9 readers. Get up close and personal with Leey in this exclusive TWELVE 13 DJ interview.

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Hi Leey Houdini. Nice to e-meet you. How are you doing?
Hi Clubbing9. I’m doing well here. Just a bit busy with some preparation for 2013.

How did you start your career in nightlife entertainment industry?
I went to my first event was Godskitchen at Sepang in the late year 2011. Since then I’ve found something interesting in this EDM. It all started from here. So I start making a monthly podcast and surprisingly I received positive feedback from listeners. From there, organisers started inviting me to play at their clubs.

What goes through your mind for TWELVE 13?
TWELVE is not a new event in this industry. They’ve brought many international DJs to our country. I never thought that I’ll be on the local line up to perform for TWELVE 13 alongside 6 international DJs. This is what I have been dreaming!! I’m feeling nervous and excited at the same time. This is the biggest achievement for me so far a newcomer DJ.

I will give my best performance and make it memorable night not only to myself but to everyone that comes to TWELVE 13.

When you’re performing what goes through your mind?
I want everyone to feel the music, feel the emotion of the music that I play. I want the crowd to experience the excitement every time I’m on stage.

What type of gear and software are you using nowadays?
I’m using FL (fruity loops) studio & some VST plugins like Sylenth1, Nexus, Vanguard etc for producing. I still didn’t have any professional gear yet though. So hopefully in 2013, I’m planning to purchase them and get more serious about producing.

What’s your take on today’s dance music scene?
The dance music scene has infiltrated music culture all around the world including Malaysia. It becomes a trend to listen to dance music. It is great to see that Malaysian starting to have a greater appreciation towards EDM music and they’ve have been growing tremendously over the years. The media keep on
supporting the scene too.

But if you want to be a real DJ, you got to be different. Start making music, have to be creative and do something to stand out from the crowd.

What are your plans for the coming year?
I’ll be making more music of course… and this time I’ll be working with few professionals in the industry to enhance my music, as I am relatively new in the scene. I want to release my tracks under the known record label, and get booked to play for international events & brings Malaysia’s name into international levels but first, I want Malaysian to know me. I want to become the product from Malaysia and hopefully getting my name to be listed as one of the top DJs in Asia.

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