Interview with Nicole Chen – H-Artistry 2013 Exclusive

An exclusive H-Artisty 2013 post event interview with Nicole Chen. Here she share & talk about her experience and what’s happening behind the dj console.

1. What’s the story behind ‘Nicole Chen’? How did it all start?
I’ve been a child model since I was 4, started music lessons in piano, and I was classically trained in music, drama and singing. Therefore, Nicole Chen has been a long up and coming brand. I won Miss Earth Singapore 2007 and went on to represent Singapore. Only 3 years ago, I’ve tapped into the music industry and became a full time DJ.

2. What’s it like being a DJ? Also, what’s it like being a successful female DJ?
Being a DJ is just different and unique, I have perfect pitch therefore I mix harmonically like that. A DJ instrument is just like any other music instrument too. Being a successful female DJ, people always expect more, fans want more and more mix tapes on my soundcloud. They want more originals, mashups and so on. When your fan base hits a high of more than 300,000 and above, people simply expect more therefore I’m glad as I really enjoy music and I appreciate that people like what I like to listen to as well!

3. What’s your background in music? Did you play any instrument that sparked your interest in EDM?
I played the Piano since I was 4 years old, I reached grade 6 or 7 if I’m not wrong. After that I went on to learn the guitar and a bit of drums, then at age of 18, I started learning how to DJ from several DJs. Three years ago, I went to Dubspot in the States to learn music production too.

I’ve been a DJ (full time) for 3 years I would say. This would be my third year. The reason it sparked my interest is because I used to party a lot and listened to all the music that other DJs played. I was saying, if only I can DJ, I would change and play what I want and the clubbers want to listen to. The party goers. Therefore, I came in knowing what the target audience wants as I am also a party goer and music lover myself.

The transitions, the drops, the harmonics in mixing are very important. I have perfect pitch and therefore, if some are out of tune or not in the same key, it would hurt my ears especially when I’m in the party area. Therefore, I would say, I do treasure DJing to be a professional career. It’s not about fame that a lot of “female DJs” are searching for, it’s about music and how you ought to transition from the beginning to the end. Everybody is listening.

4. A lot of people think DJs live a rock star life. What is it really like for you though?
In a certain way yes, but not exactly. It’s all about taking days to research for the best 20 tracks for a one hour show, how you transition, whether you want to mash them up with other songs, which then you will need 40 tracks. Then you need to arrange the songs from beginning to end. Different countries have different target audiences and listeners, one needs to do proper market research on their song choices. Traveling and jet setting, not having enough sleep, sleeping in the plane, catching up on the latest song, it’s all about multi-tasking. But I’ve chosen this life and I am happy I actually did, there would be a lot more to come. I feel that this is only the beginning.

5. How do you feel to be part of H-Artistry 2013 The Global Art of Mixing?
H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing is a platform for up and coming artists to share their music, in an eclectic mix of cultures and musical styles on stage, to thousands of party goers. I’m really excited that they gave me this opportunity to showcase my skills and work. They are the epitome of what The Global Art of Mixing is all about.

6. What’s your favourite dance tune hands down?
Dirty Dutch Mix with Progressive a tinge of Trap and Dubstep TOO!

7. How do you see your style elevating the H-Artistry Super Clubbing Experience and its musical offering?
It would be that of something amazing, blending and giving the party goers at H-Artistry a new experience.

8. What else is new in the realm of Nicole Chen?
New Branding, New Nicole Chen, a Bigger and Better comeback! Expect something different this year in 2013!

9. Where do you see yourself in future?
Probably I will remain as a DJ, or branch into acting and more music production, since it can be said that I was born into the industry!

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