H-Artistry KL 2013 Exclusive: Dmitry KO Interview

At the recent H-Artistry KL event, Dmitry KO made his presence obvious from behind the deck as he dropped an explosive dose of electro house music. He got the crowd pumping as he administered Big Room tunes that were a crossbreed of progressive, pop, classical, and electro beats. Here we have an exclusive post event interview with the Dmitry KO.

Clubbing9: What is your feeling of being a part in H-Artistry this round in Malaysia?
Dmitry KO: Feeling was very special to be part of H-Artistry. The Events production can be comparable to a big concert or festival. I enjoyed the set and was excited to perform my set. It was quite an amazing experience and very honored to be involved with such a prestigious, historic, and important brand like Hennessy.

Clubbing9: What actually you have in mind while come to “The Global Art of Mixing”?
Dmitry KO: I didn’t expect such production and event size! so I was surprised when I came to sound check and saw how detailed and elaborate the set up was. from the stage, lights, and size of the MINES center. It was much more than my expectations.

Clubbing9: Who were some of your influences when you started DJ-ing? And what keeps you motivated?
Dmitry KO: Klaas, Bob Sinclar, DJ Jean, Tiesto. Innovative tracks keep me motivated. when hearing new unique sounds, or new ways to combine different genres of music. This definitely sparks my musical imagination.

Clubbing9: Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Did you want to be something else?
Dmitry KO: No, it just happened on circumstances. I always loved music, playing piano, guitar, drums.. I was fortunate that people took a great interest in my music, and thats when it became an official profession! I thought I would be continuing in the family business of import-export.

Clubbing9: What’s your favourite tune of all time?
Dmitry KO: Difficult question. probably Rammstein – Du Hast, because it combines so many styles.. dance, rock, pop, and its simple.

Clubbing9: What is the best/worst part of being deejay?
Dmitry KO: Best – Playing my original tracks! Worst – Equipment malfunction/ technical problems

Clubbing9: How would you define your “style” during a stage performance?
Dmitry KO: Similar to a Schwarzenegger film.. lots of explosions, fast paced, very strong.

Clubbing9: How would you describe city you living in – Amsterdam, Netherlands? And which city is your favourite performing spot? Why?
Dmitry KO: I live in Los Angeles, but I love Amsterdam too. LA has lots of interesting people, especially in music. I would say its where 90% of dance music is created in USA. Favourite spot is Avalon in Hollywood, because the crowd is educated, loves new and innovative music and doesn’t make requests for Justin Bieber.

Clubbing9: What is your ultimate goal in life?
Dmitry KO: Leave behind a body of work that will be remembered long after Im gone.

Clubbing9: What can the audiences expect from you during the party of H-Artistry Malaysia?
Dmitry KO: Expect a mix of old and new Big Room, heavy, energetic, no let down tempo!

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