Interview With Andy Murphy – H-Artistry 2013 Exclusive

Hailing all the way from the USA, this is the exclusive post event interview with Andy Murphy conducted in conjunction of the H-Artistry 2013 event held at Penang.

1. DJ-ing and the whole EDM scene have recently becoming huge in the States, but it’s been huge in a lot of other countries for so long. Why do you think that is?
Dance music has had a rapid incline over the last few years worldwide. I think in the states this was pushed by dance collaborations between pop or RnB acts and dance acts. These collaborations have helped the music cross over into the mainstream and forged a huge growing EDM scene.

2. How old were you when you started DJ-ing?
I received turntables for my 18th birthday and taught myself to dj. I was soon playing all the local bar’s and clubs.

3. How would you describe yourself, a DJ? A Producer? Or both?
Now I would describe myself as both dj and producer however I was a dj foremost. Now though I spend most of my time in the studio producing for myself and my side project Jam Xpress.

4. What does your life consist of when you are completely away from music? Do you have any interesting (or not so interesting) hobbies or jobs?
I love my Fashion and work on my blog / business Lights Fashion Music. Plus I spend a lot of time in the studio researching new sounds where I have a collection of analog synths. Apart from that I love exercising and the beach. I also work on all my own multimedia and visuals and just finished my masters in Marketing at university.

5. Have you tried the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks? Do share your thoughts with us on them as a party / club drink.
I love Hennessy as a party drink. My favorites are Hennessy Ginger or Hennessy Apple. It makes such a great, easy-drinking long drink perfect for my gigs.

6. How do you feel to be part of the Super Clubbing Experience of H-Artistry?
I feel so privileged to be apart of the super clubbing experience. I love the Hennessy parties and collaborating with artists from around the world to create a truly unique experience.

7. Describe yourself in three words –
Adventure, Boisterous, Fashion

8. What other hidden talents do you have besides music?
I have a penchant for Multimedia and creating visual ideas and also a love for fashion. I combine both in my website Lights Fashion Music.

9. Are you on Twitter?
I’m addicted too all forms of social media and love been in touch with all my fans.
instagram: andymurphydj

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