Top 10 Asia’s Hottest Female DJs of 2018

Asia Hottest DJ 2018

Here we go again for another round of Asia’s HOTTEST female DJs in 2018 by Nocturnal. We have been doing this for quite sometimes, the new hottest DJ list below is pretty different from the previous hot DJ selections. We carefully reviewed, brainstormed and handpicked for this year Top 10 sexiest DJs in Asia, where no other DJ sites have the same list.

This year we selected a few of finest female DJs hailing from East Asia to Southeast Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. Getting to see female DJs performing at clubbing events are popular for decades now, so if you travelled and sees any of these hot DJs spinning at dance clubs, you will know who are they, at least. Some of the female performers might not need introduction already, as they are quite popular in Asia and had travelled overseas forth and back for gigs.

BREAKING: 2019 Asia’s Top 10 Hottest Female DJs Revealed!

Their DJ set will take you to another level of the crazy party scene, electronic music-driven. For your information, this post is not a voting or competition among the DJs, but a way of discovering female DJs in Asia. There are many female DJs out there but here is the list for 2018… oh well, we said the same thing for the previous female DJ list. 😛 We have also revealed of controversial Asia’s Top 20 DJs!

The 2018 Hottest Female DJs Goes To…

Leng Yein (MY)

Leng Yein, an entrepeneur, social media influencer and DJ from Malaysia, still on top of the list of Asia’s hottest female DJs.

View Profile Facebook IG: @lengyein

Dinar Candy (ID)

Dinar Miswari, also known as Dinar Candy for her stage name is a hot, sexy and popular female DJ from Indonesia. She’s a bombshell and frequently get coverage from numerous online medias.

IG: @dinar_candy

King Lady (VN)

Ranked the No.1 Vietnamese Female DJ, King Lady has been with us for quite some time in our Sexiest DJ List. She spins cutting-edge dance music all across Asia and beyond.

View Profile Facebook IG: @kingladydj

DJ Siena (KR)

All the way from South Korea, DJ Siena is one of our new entries for Asia’s Hottest DJ List by Nocturnal.

IG: @dj_siena

Jade Rasif (SG)

Oww Woow! Jade Rasif. One of our FAVOURITES, hot & most popular female DJ from Singapore. There are absolutely no reasons to leave her out of this prestigious list.

View Profile Facebook IG: @djjaderasif

Roxy June (TH)

Roxy June is back into our list. One of Thailand’s most respected and experienced female DJs. Her hard-hitting festival-driven electronic music will take you to another dimension. Skill level 100.

View Profile Facebook IG: @djroxyjune

DJ Hiloco (JP)

DJ Hiloco aka neroDOLL, another new entry in our list. One of Japan’s most famous Model DJs and a gifted House and Techno DJ. Watching Hiloco’s set will take you on a journey for eyes and ears

Facebook IG: @hiloconerodoll

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DJ Alyshia (TW)

Hailing from Taiwan, DJ Alyshia is a hardworking Taiwanese female DJ who built her DJ career by her own. She travelled and performed in Asian countries including China, Malaysia and so on.

Facebook IG: @djalyshia


Troyi & Lokyii (HK)

TNL, aka Troyi & Lokyi from Hong Kong, are a female tag team DJs who spin at many fashion events as well as club gigs. Previously they are selected 2017 Sexiest Female DJs by Nocturnal, once again selected for 2018 list.

More info Facebook IG: @tnl_official

Angel Villaronte (PH)

Angel Villaronte, a gorgeous Angel in the Skies by day, a full blown professional DJ by night, hailing from the Philippines. Her hardworking and genuine attitude aside from her stunning looks made her make the list as our last new entry this year. Congratulations.

Facebook IG: @djangelvillaronte

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