Asia’s Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2019 Revealed

Asia Hottest Female DJs 2019

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3. DJ Faahsai (Thailand)

DJ Faahsai Thailand Hottest Female DJ 2019
We are sure everyone has heard of DJ Faahsai from Thailand. Trance is her genre that brings a whole new level of music experience. Not only the hottest but also the most skillful in terms of bringing the crowd together. She has performed at some of the best clubs in Singapore, Australia, U.K, Korea and neighbouring countries. For the first time, DJ Faahsai is listed as one of the hottest female DJs of 2019. She has been active in the dance music scenes in South East Asia, performing in the clubs and outdoor dance music festivals alongside international DJs. Facebook / IG: @djfaahsai[/sociallocker]

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