How to Make Money Via Mobile Live Streaming Apps

How To Make Money Mobile Live Streaming

You need to understand two things when you have decided to create money through live streaming applications. First, live streaming is not all about video gaming and asking other individuals to view your game. Second, this is more crucial, live streaming is not just a hobby, but it can also be your source of income and things to do during this Covid-19 pandemic. Most live streamers or influencers considered it as their day job.

Doing live streaming is indeed easy. It is also true that only a few individuals know that live streaming can help them to generate money. In connection with that, we don’t find any reason you should not try doing it.

Making money using the best live streaming apps is not easy. You need to put your effort and time to gain people who will watch what you’re doing. There are only a few individuals who get rich by doing live streaming. For instance, on Twitch, there are only a few streaming channels that can get 75 percent of total viewing time. Take note that Twitch comes with over two million channels. But if you have the perseverance to generate money by live streaming, the following are the top five earn money tips you need to follow.

You can easily get some camera gears set up for live video streaming on Youtube, Facebook Live which we will go through below.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Revenue From Ads

There’s a wide array of reasons you should make money on big to support your live streaming. Many live streamers are using the money they can get from advertising. Ads include Facebook and Google services. If you are part of the right social network or streaming platform, there’s a chance for you to earn money from advertising.

Choosing a live streaming application is important. This is because some platforms do not offer ads. DLive is one of the anti-ads platforms. Others do not feature a third-party advertising service, such as the Mixer.

Live Video Chat Mobile Apps
If you will do live streaming and you want to make an income from the ads, then you should join one of the following platforms;

Twitch – It provides in-stream advertisements. Aside from that, they also offer native and display ad opportunities.

Facebook Live – It will enable you to use their mid-roll ads if you can comply with their viewership number criteria.

YouTube – One of the most popular ads platforms that will provide you with mid-roll ads and pre-roll ads. Aside from that, you can also use their overlay and display ads.

Getting Donations or Tips From Your Fans

If you think that your live video streaming career, side gig, or hobby will be successful in the future, then the initial tip or donation from your fan can prove it. You can boost your confidence to pursue what you love when someone gives you some bucks as their tip or donation to continue what you are doing.

There are lots of live streaming websites and platforms that will enable you to generate money by allowing your viewers to send you their tips, gifts, and donations. Your viewers can use their virtual points or their integrated services to perform the transaction.

Bigo Live – A popular mobile live stream and video chat platform where live streamers interact with fans and showcase your talents including by performing via live stream videos. Live streamers earn money by receiving gifts & support from fans based on their performance. Most of the talents are models, artists, singers & social influencers. Find out more and download Bigo Live app here.

LIVIT Mobile Live Stream Make Money
LIVIT – A popular mobile live stream video chat platform, mostly popular in Taiwan, Malaysia & Japan where talents including music performers, artists, singers, models, social influencers will entertain fans either by singing or chit chat with followers. The influencers, just like other social media platforms, have their own fans or followers in the live stream platform. Their followers will give tips to the talented live streamers to make money online based on their live performance. Talents sometimes will be invited for a special appearance in live shows or online live events. Find out more and download LIVIT app here.

Can the mobile live streamers really earn money? The answer is yes. They will receive income based on the donation/tips from the viewers or followers. The live streamers have to be hardworking to make them rank top on the monthly leaderboard and able to interact with their followers all the time. Hard work will pay off as they grow with huge followers and viewers by showcasing their talented skills.

Affiliate Sales

Being a member of an affiliate program will enable you to generate money for each time customers or buyers click your posted affiliate link to place an order. Posting a link is not always necessary. This is because you may use a coupon or promo code that the buyers may also utilize when placing an order to the shop you are promoting.

You can earn money by using affiliate sales by posting the code or the link in your stream description box. You might also consider mentioning them one to two times as you do your live streaming. The code or the link will be sent to you immediately after joining the affiliate program.

Keep in mind that the affiliate program you join does not produce a profit from your affiliate sales. This means that creating content and promoting services or products should always be relevant. It is important not to create content with generating sales in your mind. You should always prioritize making good content before you think about the money streaming you can make.

Make Creative Contents on YouTube

Creating creative content on YouTube is getting much more interesting as time progresses. The popularity of live streaming has been increased. Even with the shy platforms are now adopting the new trend. In connection with that, you can use YouTube, which is a popular platform for your live streaming. But make sure that your content is unique. This will enable you to gain lots of subscribers and viewers. When you have loads of viewers, you can make money by singing every time you live stream.

Product Reviews Or Sponsorships on YouTube

This step is less controversial compared with regular ads. With the help of sponsorships or product reviews on YouTube, you can create money from a beneficial arrangement. If you have generated lots of followers on your live streaming channels, big brands will notice you and reach you out together with their products or sponsorships you can review. If they don’t, try reaching them out first.

In terms of dealing with the brands, you are required to be detail-oriented and professional. You need to be professional when negotiating with the other brands to make sure that your target brand will give you their sponsorship.

On the other hand, your audience can also attract the attention of your target brand. That being said, you need to generate numerous audiences and understand their interests and their characteristics. Keep in mind that you will make a deal without appearing as if you are selling.


Making money through live streaming is quite easy for some. If you have talents in Djing, singing, etc., you can use them to get tips from your fans. You might also perform video chat through mobile live-streaming applications.

There are lots of ways you can do to earn money by doing your hobby. Similar to blogging, live streaming is also one of the popular and on-trend works that anyone can try. Try using the tips mentioned above to get paid to chat and get paid to sing.

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