10 Essential Travel Checklist Tips Before Heading Out

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Going out for a party can be fun but if not well prepared, an outing can be interrupted or ‘kill the mood. Here we have some checklist and tips before heading out so you will have a great plan ahead.

This travel checklist is also suitable for other nightlife activities or occasions such as going to night markets, movie outings, visiting outdoor attractions, events, clubbing, private parties, countdown parties or new year’s Eve countdown.

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If you’re up for outdoor nightlife activities, then you’re on the right page for the complete party and checklist. Below are some of our compiled night activities checklists. A smooth plan is all you need before heading out to enjoy a great trip or holiday.

1. Traffic Condition

Traffic Condition Tips - Night Out Checklist
You don’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam when heading to the place you’ve planned. This might cause delays or frustration while getting stuck in traffic, and of course, we don’t want to get our friends or family waiting for a long time, right? With access to the internet, it’s easy to find out the latest traffic news and condition while listening to the radio or checking using Waze. Waze is very useful and we will discuss it in the coming topic below. Sometimes the weather will affect the traffic condition. You can find out what you can find in the nightlife websites guide and how to fully utilize it.

2. Weather Condition

Weather Condition Tips - Night Out Checklist
Weather can interrupt outings or cause inconvenience when travelling to the desired location. Try and check the weather condition before heading out. Heavy thunderstorms or rain can cause massive traffic jams and even floods. It is best to find out current city weather through news telecasts, online or quick access to weather on the smartphone. Nowadays all smartphone has built-in weather forecast, so remember to check the weather condition for a smooth ride.

3. Location Survey

Location Survey Tips - Night Out Checklist
Before heading out, get to know the exact location you want to go. We can easily find the location using Google Maps or Waze. Google Maps is so convenient to use for a survey and look around so you will roughly know the place. By using Waze, the app will show the route and by adjusting some settings, we can avoid those heavy traffic areas and take the shortest route. Voila!

4. Opening Hours

Opening Hour Tips - Night Out Checklist
We don’t want to get disappointed after reaching the destination and later find out the venue or place is closed. Remember to check the opening hours on Google and also their official social media page to find out the peak hours so that the place won’t get crowded when we reached the destination. Get updated on their business social media with the latest time and date. Starting January 2019, new closing hour regulation has been set for entertainment outlets in Kuala Lumpur to close at 1 am, but for those catering to foreign tourists, they would be allowed to operate until 5 am with special permission.

5. Parking Space

Parking Space Tips Opening Hour Tips - Night Out Checklist
Parking space is also another checklist to consider. All of us surely want to get parking conveniently without hassle so we don’t waste a long time looking for parking. Yeah, sometimes it’s frustrating when finding parking in the shopping mall, it might take hours to find one.

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6. Age Restriction

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Sometimes there are age restrictions to enter certain places, especially dance clubs. Age restrictions for clubs are set to 18+ but some only allow for age 21 and above. Make sure to bring along an ID card just in case because the bouncer might need to check on your identity and age.[/sociallocker]

7. Dress Code To Follow

Dress Code Tips - Night Out Checklist
Some dance clubs or luxury restaurants are required to follow their dress code rules. Don’t wear slippers, sandals, or shorts to these venues and anyone who broke or not following the rules might get rejected. To avoid disappointment, contact the venue and find out the exact dress code but usually just dressing smartly will do. This is very important when planning for bar hopping, make sure to dress smart and casual all the time.

8. Rules & Regulations

Attraction Rules Tips - Night Out Checklist
Find out the rules and regulations set by the venues, places or attractions. We can’t expose our skin or wear a sexy dress when visiting holy places such as temples & mosques. All these places have certain signage boards mentioning to cover up the appearance. Some places are also restricted smoking at restaurants, cafes or any air-conditioned venues. Just be considerate and follow the rules & regulations so we don’t get into trouble with the authorities.

9. Things We Can Bring

Things To Bring Tips - Night Out Checklist
Never bring illegal things to the venues. Make sure to check the things we can bring to a club if going to a party! We can get into trouble if found guilty of bringing illegal stuff such as drugs or weapons. Bring important things like napkins, and first aid kits and those might help others around when something happens. Well you know, sh*t happens. When heading to a music festival, make sure to get prepared with a survival kit for music festivals. Don’t EVER forget sunglasses and a smartphone. Remember to charge to the full battery just in case when we want to take the best shots and share them with our friends! Not enough battery? Take the power bank along and worries free! Wink 😉

10. The Performers

Artist Tips - Night Out Checklist
Check out the artists or performers of the night. Don’t want to go somewhere blindly without knowing, well it happened to me before. By getting to know who is the performers, we can enjoy the night out at a whole new level and get our night ‘Rocked n Rolled‘!

Well, some of these are general travel checklists but they can be a piece of useful information when going travelling anywhere around the world. Let’s make things easier before you head out to have fun! Be it going to cinemas, clubbing, parties, dining, visiting attractions and many more.

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