8 Basic Convenient Things You Can Bring To A Club

8 Basic Convenient Things You Can Bring To A Club

After posting the things not to do in the club, we came up with a new club guide covering things you can bring into a dance club. Remember, always follow the nightclub rules & the do & don’t set by the club management, when you follow this, you can of course stay calm and party without any trouble all night long.

Things You Can Bring To Club

Vaping in the club
Similar to cigarettes, you can bring your vape mod into the club. Make sure you are 18 years and above before you enter and obey the club regulations. Some clubs are smoke-free, we don’t think you can vape at the smoke-free club, make sure you check with the club management. We suggest you vape rather than smoke because of smelly cigarette smoke that will stick to your clothes, and we are sure you don’t want your parent to find out when they wash your clothes!

Drop the digital camera, bring in the camera phone
The camera phone nowadays comes with higher megapixels and is able to help you capture the best club moments or take selfies with BFF. Drop the digital camera at home and use your camera phone instead. You bring fewer items now and keep the space for other stuff. You can also take the opportunity to take a snapshot or selfie with your favourite international DJ when you have the chance!

Wear a jacket
We all know the air conditioner in clubs is freaking cold sometimes, wear yourself an outer jacket with an inner graphic t-shirt based on your fashion sense. For the ladies, you can still wear a sweater. Ask your BBF or partner who plans to chill in the club all night to hold it for you whenever you feel like going out to the dancefloor!

Small credit card & cash holder
If you have a really big wallet or handbag, why not use a small-size card holder that comes with multiple slots. You can also find a phone holder with slots and put all your stuff in there, but make sure you don’t lose it and keep it safe all the time. Don’t be careless. Now you can save even more space.

[sociallocker id=”57682″]Practice safe sex
It is always better to prevent than cure. Always play safe, always bring condoms and place them somewhere safe with you. You know, you might need it for the night, just in case. You don’t want to rush to a convenience store to get and when that happens, it might be too late for… ahem, you know.[/sociallocker]

Not just for the party
Going to the club is not only just for the sake of partying, it is also a way to socialize and meet new people be it for new friends or for business purposes. Get your name card ready and start giving out your cards. With the music playing so loud, you know, you have to scream and tell the person your phone number, why not just hand him/her the name card and it’s all done.

Small-sized power bank
This handy gadget might save you. Smartphone batteries tend to drain like he*l. This small gadget might save you from losing contact with your partner or friends or in case of an emergency.

Bring enough cash!
Always drink responsibly and don’t overspend. Know your drinking limit, plan and bring enough cash with you but not too much or you’ll keep buying alcoholic drinks. We know buying more drinks increased the club’s bar sales but the priority is your health and consciousness first.

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