The Secret To Better Sleep Guide #3

The Secret To Better Sleep Guide #3

Time to get a good bedtime. Our third sleep guide and this time reveals the secret of going to bed at night. Find out more about sleep-related disorders such as night sweats, hypersomnia, Klein Levin Syndrome, the cause of insomnia and what sleep can do for you.

The infographic below will guide you on how to get more sleep, a better sleep at night, helps lose weight and easiest way to fall asleep faster.

Tips: Getting a body massage also help release stress and make you enter the dreamland easily at night. The type of food you eat also can cause insomnia such as sugar, chocolate, spicy food and alcohol, so make sure to watch what you eat and maintain a healthy diet. Always exercise and sweat to keep your body healthy.

The benefits of getting more rest can prevent depression, improve your memory, reduce stress, and reduces inflammation that could lead to heart-related conditions, cancer and diabetes.

Better Sleep Guide Infographic

Better Sleep Infographic

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