The Ultimate EDM Festivals Survival Guide

Music Festivals Survival Guide

Before you head out for an electronic music festival, you will need to get things prepared well because you’ll be spending long hours outdoor. This ultimate EDM festival tip below will guide you on how to survive at rave events. If you’re in a dance club, check out our club guide to find out things you can bring into the venue, if not read on below to survive a music festival.

1. Things to prepare before heading out to electronic dance music festivals

If you are going to a festival with a group of friends, make sure to carpool. Print out, or save the event map, set time and artists lineup on your mobile phone.

Check for weather conditions as the EDM festival is a rain or shine event. You can keep a few umbrellas or raincoats in the car, in case you need it.

Let’s get started with the survival guide at an electronic dance music festival.

2. How To Survive At Outdoor Electronic Dance Music Festivals?

To survive an outdoor music festival, there are 2 important that you need, extra cash & a mobile phone. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charging. Bring extra batteries if you have one.

Why? Because you’ll be entering a crowded place with thousand of people partying, jumping, dancing & raving. Stick together. Always tell your friends the exact meeting point before walking away in case you’re lost. A mobile phone will keep you in contact with your friends or partner if you lost track of them.

Other than having a mobile phone camera to contact your buddies, it might come in handy too, to capture the best moments at the EDM festival and share them on social media instantly.

Extra cash? Of course! Always bring enough cash to the party, and buy food and drinks at the event. Stay hydrated all the time as you also need the energy to party hard! You can also bring along your water supply if want to save money.

Rest! Make sure you take some rest, suggest sitting on the ground, cooling down, regaining energy and party on again to the banging electronic music! You need to know your limit. Once again, always stay hydrated, you don’t want to faint in a crowded place.

Next up, we will continue to guide you on your outdoor music festival dress code.

3. What should I wear to outdoor music festivals or rave events?

The temperature at outdoor music events is way hotter than in nightclubs. You’ll be sweating a lot for sure.

Always wear something light and casual, a t-shirt, shorts, jeans & sneakers will do. Wear your creativity only if you’re comfortable with it. You will be dancing and jumping a lot and that’s the way, party people!

You’ll also need a pair of wayfarer sunglasses! Sunglasses help you shade your eyes from glaring hot sunlight if you’re attending outdoor EDM events during the day. If you only want to look cool and make yourself appealing, We suggest you get sunglasses with imprinted with graphic & typography designs.

If you’re there to watch your favourite artists or DJs, you can wear something supportive such as a customised t-shirt related to your idol. You can also bring along a mask to wear during their DJ live sets, especially those masked DJs.

Here we will finalize the complete list of EDM festival survival kits

Extra Cash
Mobile phone
Digital Camera
A pair of sunglasses
Wet wipes
Water supply
Event map & set time

Next page, we will explain the rules & regulations, and the dos & don’t at outdoor music festivals or rave events.

4. The Music Festival Rules & Regulations You Should Know

As we know, DSLR/video recorders are prohibited and not allowed to be brought in by festival-goers in outdoor electronic dance music festivals, so remember to bring a smaller size digital camera or just a camera phone will do, to capture and share the best moment with your buddies.

Make sure to follow the rules set by the event organizers and check official announcements for event updates.

It is easy to make new friends at any music festival, all you need to do is be friendly and give smile to the person standing next to you!

You can bring things you like to outdoor music events or rave events, as long as it’s convenient for you to carry around. Don’t drink and drive! Drugs are illegal, refrain from taking drugs or you’ll get into trouble with the authorities. Always party hard and party safe!

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