How to Take the Best OOTD Pics on Your Trip

Taking OOTD Guide

Fashion enthusiasts or not, everyone loves to take pictures, especially while travelling to places with unique and beautiful landscapes. The first thing that draws people’s attention to the picture is your outfit, which is why you need to make sure you capture your OOTD pictures in the best lighting and in front of the most vibrant backgrounds. If you’re already a regular OOTD person who loves to share her outfit ideas and inspiration on social media, all you need are a few tips and tricks to capture the very best ones.

By taking lots of photos and videos on a trip, you can capture moments to cherish forever. We have collected some tips and tricks to make sure you click the pictures from the right angles, so you don’t seem awkward posing. Taking shots while travelling, especially across beautiful landscapes and architecture, requires all but a few tips in finding the right spots, using the optimal camera settings and selecting the perfect outfit and accessories.

Tips to Take That Perfect OOTD Shot

Here are some of the tips from choosing the best outfit colours to which kind of cameras to use as you travel around the world. Follow these few basic steps, and you’re on your way to collecting a ton load of Instagram-worthy pictures.

Choose Vibrant Outfits

Based on where you plan to travel, pick clothes that go with the season as well as gain some inspiration from travel bloggers and friends who have been to the place before. You can easily go on social media and scroll through the pictures of your destination to see what clothing and accessories to create an awesome shot with.

It’s important to choose the right colours as well, especially if you’re travelling to a cold region and will be bundling up with too many items. Choose a vibrant coloured coat for these occasions that can complement the scenery beautiful and make your OOTD shots look like a fairy-tale scene. If you’re headed off to a tropical beach destination, a beachy floral dress or shirt with patterns and multiple colours is the best outfit.

As for those close-up portrait shots, it’s easy for your makeup to melt or look smudged while travelling, thus ruining your shots. For this purpose, we recommend wearing minimal makeup on top of a good moisturiser and sunscreen. Also, carry a bright lipstick in your carry-on bag, such as a tote, with all your travel essentials so that you can touch up your lips before taking an OOTD shot.

Use An Ultrawide Camera

Ultrawide Camera for OOTD
Source: @Sebastian Pichler

For scenery shots, make sure to use an Ultrawide camera to beautifully capture you and your OOTD as well as your spectacular background scenes. Whether it is a sunset shot in front of the ocean or a city skyline, with you either sitting from the back or standing while posing in your beautiful dress, an Ultrawide shot is a must.

These days you can find an Ultrawide camera in most Android phones, such as Samsung, Xiaomi and so forth. Hence, you don’t need to invest money for a professional camera when smartphone cameras pretty much do the job of capturing everything in one frame. In fact, you can experiment with your camera settings and try taking your OOTD pictures at night while fixing the settings on night mode.

The only way to capture the magnificent wide-angle landscape is using a wide-angle lens which offers different types and ranges of shots, such as the extreme wide-angle shot or the long shot. Earlier, this meant purchasing and carrying an additional lens for your camera. However, nowadays, you only need to switch a few modes on your camera settings. Then, your phone can easily capture beautiful waves of the ocean or the dark city skyline of New York or Kuala Lumpur.

Pose Naturally

Remember not to get too carried away in taking the most perfect pictures, as the memories you capture indicate the fun times you’ve had. Hence, the most important part of travelling should be to adsorb oneself in the adventure. The best way to pose and capture the most authentic and inspiring memories is while you’re naturally enjoying and having fun.

Take meaningful shots while enjoying a walk in the garden or while you sit on the beach and enjoy the waves splashing on your feet. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty, and for that reason, make sure that your travel outfits are comfortable and wash-friendly. Ditch the luxurious and expensive products that you’re afraid might get damaged, and go for easy-flowing and naturally comfortable cotton shirts and linen pants.

If you’re travelling with a companion, make a mutual pact to capture each other’s pictures when they’re enjoying themselves the most. No matter how many pictures you take, the point of them is to capture the most memorable and authentic travel moments in your vibrant and beautiful outfits.

For most travellers, we recommend bringing a polaroid camera on the trip, so your memories are tangible in the form of real-life photographs for your diaries and journals.

Select Detailed Backgrounds to Enhance your OOTD

Finally, when selecting where to take your OOTD pictures, the best way is to go for a plain yet detailed background with vibrant colours. For the camera settings, a portrait mode is the best one to capture the OOTD, as it will blur the background to blend it with your outfit. Since you will be colour coordinating your outfit with the background as per our earlier recommendations, the colours will complement each other fabulously.

You can also carefully colour coordinate this way:

  1. Go for the contrasts.
  2. Choose a landscape that showcases neutral tones if you are sporting a colourful and bright outfit. This will create a well-balanced shot that will bring attention to your OOTD.
  3. For a minimalist vibe, go for a red or bright yellow background while wearing crisp whites and greys or vice versa.


At the centre of every good OOTD photo is the basic technique of focusing on the subject and choosing a background that blends well with one’s outfit. With our guide, you don’t need to stick to the typical mirror selfie for your OOTD pictures anymore. Instead, you can get very creative and take pictures of your unique outfits in unique locations to leave your friends and family completely awe-struck.

Hence, these are some of the ways you can shoot your very own eye-catching OOTD shots while travelling. Of course, you can learn many more features and settings while trying out your hand at photography. However, the most basic techniques, which as easily accessible on every smartphone nowadays, include night modes, portrait modes, and so forth.

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