Cool Weather Attracted Thousands to Celebrate Malaysia Day At Resorts World Genting

Genting Malaysia Day

Resorts World Genting warmly welcomed thousands of visitors on Malaysia Day. At 8:00 PM sharp a spectacular fireworks display was performed for eight minutes complemented by music at the resort.
The sky lit up with bursts of colors that included various designs such as smiley face and space like designs. Adults and children were in such awe as the breathtaking colors morphed so well together in the sky. It was indeed a memorable evening and celebration for many.
16th September is Malaysia Day and also a holiday nationwide in Malaysia. This year, Malaysia Day has fallen on Monday and it was a long weekend for all Malaysian. Friends and families would plan for an outing over the weekend while spending these precious time together.
While there are haze and hot weather over Kuala Lumpur and other major cities, the clear cool weather in Genting has attracted thousands to celebrate Malaysia Day at Resorts World Genting.

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