8 Popular Activities Malaysian Love to do at Night

8 Popular Activities Malaysian Love to do at Night

This guide will take you a little further in exploring Malaysian culture and nightlife activities. Before this we have written a guide of things to do in KL, here are a few additions to our guide of popular activities that Malaysian usually do at night (psst… nothing illegal here).

There are many things and activities we have missed out on listed here but we have listed the 8 most popular things to do by the locals in Malaysia. Malaysia is a multicultural country with different races and everyone is enjoying what they love to do. Let us get started with the list below.

Popular nightlife activities to do in Malaysia are…

1. Go Clubbing

Nightlife Malaysia - Things to Do for Malaysian
Clubbing or club hopping is popular among the locals & foreigners who are working, studying or having holidays in Malaysia. Many Malaysian youngsters aged around 18 to 28 love to go to the best clubs & bars to enjoy good music, watch their favourite international guest DJ spinning the hottest dance songs and even just have a fun night out with friends.

In the club, you can meet new friends but of course, you still need to take precautions against the danger of making friends with strangers, no matter if you are a guy or girl. Do check out our nightclub guide that might help you discover the things you shouldn’t do in the club.

2. Midnight Movie

Midnight Movie - Things to Do for Malaysian
Going out for a midnight movie is another popular night activity among Malaysians. Normally moviegoers will book their movie tickets in advance so that they will get good seating and a good view of the cinema.

New movies will premiere every Thursday night, moviegoers will either book tickets via the cinema’s website or through the app. Some of the popular cinemas in Malaysia include TGV, GSC and MBO. Some movie lovers are willing to spend a little more to enjoy watching their favourite movies presented in the amazing sound system Dolby Atmos & D-Box. Don’t forget the popcorn, drinks and the delicious hot dog with chilli sauce!

3. Play the Dart game, Pool & Snooker

Snookers Night Activities - Things to Do for Malaysian
Adults aged around 26 and above might have different interests in hobbies and activities than the youngsters. Party games or dart games became popular a few years ago, and we can see some Malaysian rather go to the nearest bars & pubs to play dart games, pool and snooker.

It was a much more relaxing environment than going to a dance club. You can have good cold drinks, listen to music, chat or even have a business conversation with friends or boss. Just chill out.

4. Surfing at Internet Cafe

Cyber Cafe Activities - Things to Do for Malaysian
Hanging out at an internet cafe (we call it a cyber cafe or CC in Malaysia) is popular night activity listed in our list. A lot of Malaysians who love to play online games like Dota 2 or any other online games will lepak (hangout) at the internet cafe.

Some cyber cafes will have a Mamak stall (Indian food stall) just out of the cyber cafe, and ordering food and drinks is much more convenient for the gamers. Keep in mind this is not a very healthy activity after all.

5. Hanging out at the Mamak Stall

Things to Do for Malaysian
Mamak stall is everywhere in Malaysia, from the roadside to shopping a lot. It is also the usual hang-out place among Malaysians. If you are a traveller, make get these most ordered Mamak foods in Malaysia – Tandoori chicken, mee Mamak, rojak, naan, nasi kandar, roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi biryani, Maggi Goreng.

If you’re accompanied by a Malaysian friend, make sure to ask him/her to introduce the best Mamak foods.

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Work it out like Arnold!

Bodybuilding - Things to Do for Malaysian
Going to the gym is another way to stay healthy and a balanced diet is also needed. Many locals are trying to stay healthy by going to the gym to work out to slim down or get fit. They can also attend extra classes such as body combat, Muay Thai, Yoga and more after their workout session. Some well-known fitness centres in Malaysia are Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness, CHI Fitness and just to name a few popular ones.

Singing Favorite Song at KTV

Karaoke - Things to Do for Malaysian
Going for a karaoke session is popular among the people in Malaysia. Some popular KTV joints like Neway Karaoke Box, Redbox, Loudspeaker and Reka Muhibbah are available throughout Malaysia.

It is much worth the money if you go in a group of 4 or more because you can share the bills and enjoy the night singing your heart out of your favourite karaoke songs along with friends. There are also tit-bits, snacks, drinks and also buffet promotion, just eat and sing till you drop!

Many Malaysian like to go sing karaoke at night hours because of the ‘feel good‘ atmosphere, you have to try to experience it.

6. Listen to a Live Music Band

Live Band Malaysia - Things to Do for Malaysian
There are many best live music places with live band performances in Malaysia, the popular live venues are No Black Tie, Hard Rock Cafe, SOJU, Le Noir, Backyard Pub and Grill in Kuala Lumpur, Reggae Mansion Penang and just to name a few.

Many locals and foreigners hang out at the bars to enjoy drinks and live music from relaxing evening Jazz, and Top 40 to Rock music. It is a good way to spend the night if you can’t find things to do.

7. Attend a Live Concert

Live Concert Malaysia - Things to Do for Malaysian
Malaysian are willing to spend some amount of money for a VIP seat just to watch their favourite singer and superstar at a concert. Attending a live concert on the weekend is also one of the nightlife activities for Malaysians.

8. Massage / Health Spa

Ahh, feeling tired and body aching? Massage is all you need. From sauna and foot reflexology to full body massage, it is one of the most popular activities in Malaysia.

Many locals spend their time at the massage health spa in Kuala Lumpur because of the affordable and cheap rates from as low as RM38 while relaxing their soul and body after hectic work.

One of the most popular spas in Kuala Lumpur is Lavish Spa, located in Fahrenheit Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, equipped with lounges, a cinema room, jacuzzi, swimming pool and many more. Other spas are Ossoto, Hammam and just to name a few. Normally a person will spend at least 1-2 hours at the health spa depending on the service they take.

If you are the kind of person who is a little laidback and just wants to chill out, our best activities to do on weekends are the right guide for you.

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